IG Week Two


Last week I shared my first ever 'Instagram Favourites' post with you all. So now we're onto week two and the lovely Marie chose this weeks hashtag which is...


All the photos featured had the hashtag #Pumpkin on Instagram. There were SO many to choose from but eventually I whittled it down to this small collection... Hope you like them! 

Below each image is the Instagram handle from which I borrowed each photo. Be sure to check them out for more colourful and inspirational photos.

If you want the chance to pick the 'Hashtag Of The Week,' simply comment below or email me at jamachin07@aol.com 

Until next time... GGD xxx

nakedwithanxiety * nailsbycambria * cultureshockllc * countyprincess21

marsha_lingle * livingafrugallife * seasonz.xx * livinglifeunscripted

nbiegert * colorsbyllarowe * rezzyghadjar * stewartfam5

theduchesshazard * darraughjo * noboysaofficial * instamikka

*Photos edited using basic PhotoCollage

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