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Happy Friday people! I cannot believe that today is the very last Friday in May! Where is this year disappearing to? Hope you are all well!
A couple of weeks ago I shared some of my favourite things with you all. From the lovely response I got (thankyou to you all on Twitter and to those that emailed...) it would seem that you enjoyed that particular post. I promised a follow up if that was the case so here it is! 
By the time I've finished sharing all my favourites over the next few months you'll probably know me better than I know myself! :)

And off we go...


Of course I had to include this! It's been a good few weeks since I began this little venture and I'm absolutely loving every moment. Sure my novel is suffering somewhat, (I haven't written any of it for weeks.) What with all the research, interviewing and feature writing I've been doing, I just haven't had the time to work on 'Surviving Isabelle,' but I wouldn't change it for the world. Blogging in itself has become such a unique experience. I had no idea when I started how many like minded people I'd get to interact with. And I'm truly blessed to have had the privilege of interviewing several published authors. The next of my interviews is with the talented Andrew Males, author of '26 Miles To The Moon' and will be live next Friday on GGD!


Go ahead. I can almost hear the moans and sighs of dismay but I LOVE Christmas. In fact I'd go as far as to say it's probably my favourite thing ever! My family and friends are well used to me by now! I start planning about six months ahead and listen to Christmas music pretty much all year round!



I love photos. Whether it's one that's taken by a stranger or just an image I've captured myself, I love this particular art form. I guess you could say I'm the very definition of 'amateur photographer.' I snap pics at almost every given opportunity. 
If you're on Twitter then do look up Steve Davey who has an excellent eye and has taken some incredible photos! 

Face Powder

This is an absolute handbag essential as well as being a favourite of mine! Not just a face powder it also doubles up as my own version of 'dry shampoo' when I don't have time to wash my hair! I usually stick to Rimmel because it's pretty cheap. But if I'm having a splurge and want to look really good for an event such as a wedding, my 'go to' is Chanel! Pricey but flawless.



I mentioned Victoria Magrath on a post a few weeks back. (When I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award I chose her blog - InTheFrow as one of my own fifteen nominations.) Blogging was something I'd never really looked into until I read about Zoe Sugg in a magazine. But it was then that I started googling and finding out what these 'bloggers' actually did. Victoria's was one of the first blogs that I stumbled across in my search. She also has a YouTube channel and I'm totally in love with her makeup tutorials. If you love makeup and haven't seen any then please watch them! They're awesome! 

Quirky gift shops

Although I tend to shop online these days (again due to lack of time!) I do love mooching around unusual, or as I like to call them 'quirky' gift shops. It's usually in these places that I find a random notepad or a wall hanging with an inspirational quote. Kirkby Lonsdale, a small historic market town in the South Lakeland district of Cumbria, has a couple of gorgeous shops which I always pop into whenever I'm there.





I love Twitter! Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, since blogging I've been able to chat with so many like minded people and this is mostly down to social media. It's a great place to network and due to this I've been blessed to have been presented with some incredible opportunities. 
The following are people who I interact with on Twitter and who in one way or another have inspired me! Each and every one of these people has also been so incredibly supportive. For this I am truly grateful to you all! Some are writers, some bloggers but all are the most loveliest and genuine of people. When you have some time, go take a look at their pages and/or blogs. Links to their individual websites can be found in their Twitter bios!

Random Acts Of Kindness


Okay so to be fair this isn't really a 'thing' but then so seems to be the pattern when it comes to the majority of my favourites list. 
I feel that it's hugely important in life to treat others as you would care to be treated yourself. Many a time a stranger has surprised me with a random act of kindness. It could be when someone has handed me their car parking ticket because they've still got a couple of hours left on it and they're leaving. Or when someone simply holds a door open to let me pass through. There are hundreds of examples. But needless to say it always makes my day and encourages me to pass this 'kindness' onto someone else. Who said one person couldn't change the world? Especially if one person starts a chain reaction! Try it... Do something totally random for someone. I guarantee you'll make their day and you'll feel pretty good for it yourself too!
I shall stop there for now.. More favourites will follow in the near future. As always, please leave your feedback below or catch me on Twitter. Have a fabulous weekend! Hope you've enjoyed tonight's read?? What are your favourite things? Until next week... Love and hugs! xxx

P.s Bloggers look out for this...

Coming soon! xxx


  1. Thanks for the mentions! Good to get to know some of your likes. I have no idea how dry shampoo works, though.
    Looking forward to my interview being up there next week!

    1. Pleasure Andrew. You ARE a man lol so guess you've prob never needed to use dry shampoo ha ha!! I'm looking forward to sharing your interview with all my lovely readers! X

  2. Wow this is an amazing post. You write so brilliantly, there's a real flow when reading it. I love it. Also thanks for the mention lovely. You've totally made my day. I'm off to read more of your blog now. ;) have a fab day gorgeous

    1. Thankyou Hayley. That's lovely of you to say. I'm always a little apprehensive each week incase people don't like it. Especially with more personal posts opposed to interviews. Kind of laying myself bare so to speak. Glad I've made your day!! Have a fab weekend lovely xx

  3. Thanks so so SO much for the mention! It feels so good to know that I might have inspired you, even in my small ways :) You've so completely made my weekend...you have no idea :*

    Rhea @ Rhea's Neon Journal

    1. You're so welcome Rhea! Glad I've made your weekend. Hope it's a good one lovely xx

  4. Thank you so much for the mention. I love twitter for exactly what you've said, connecting with some fabulous people, including you :) xxx

  5. This is such a lovely post to read and thank you so much for the Twitter mention :')

    Enter my YSL Rouge Volupte Giveaway on The Makeup Directory

  6. How lovely to see me in there, made my day! :-)
    My favourite things would be Pride and Prejudice, trees, holidays and bubble baths!! And my dog. :-D x x

    1. (Inserts thumbs up emoji) ha ha! Glad it made your day lovely. I too love Pride and Prejudice!! And trees. Oooh and dogs! I've never been on a holiday yet (unless a weekend trip to London counts!?) But I plan to go on lots one day!!! Xxx

  7. Thank you SO MUCH for including me in your Twitter list, it means a lot to me! Twitter is GREAT for networking, and I've met the best people there, from right around the world - like you! - that I wouldn't have met in my own life. :D

    My favorite things are books, music, and writing! Usually combined! ^_^

    1. Awwww this is so sweet Brett! Glad our paths crossed! And great choices there for your own favourites!!! Xxx


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