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Well it's the end of a busy week. Have you all enjoyed your weekend up til now? I hope so. I have to apologize as I didn't get chance to post on Friday and I haven't really had time to so much as breathe since. But rather than leave you all with nothing I thought I'd share this short update. 
This week has been a positive one in regards to my writing. I submitted a feature to the lovely Florence Matthews in the hopes she'd choose me as one of three contributers for her new publication... 'Love From' magazine. As always, stuck for time, I threw a feature together and emailed it Flo late Wednesday night. By some miracle she loved it. And then she made my entire week when she informed me I was going to be one of the three contributers! Safe to say I was one happy bunny! If you want to pre-order a copy then you're best speaking to Flo. Her twitter handle is... @flomatthews_ 
Other than that I've just been working all week and trying to catch up with myself. I have many author interviews in the pipeline. I'd love to share names but for now my lips must remain sealed. I will however divulge that several are chart topping bestselling novelists! (Hugely excited!)
That's all for now... Hopefully I'll have chance to upload a proper post this week. In the meantime I've been enjoying discovering new blogs. If you want me to check out yours then please leave your links in the comments box! 
Lots of love to you all... Now I must catch up on sleep! :) GGD xxx

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