What to Do If Your Small Business Has Been Broken Into or Vandalised

If you’ve ever had your small business broken into or vandalised, you know just how devastating it can be. Honestly, when that happens, it feels like it’s next to impossible to get your business to actually thrive. Just think about it: what if business insurance doesn’t pay you out because they think this situation could have been avoided? Right? But that’s not even all! It’s scary to think, but you could financially suffer trying to get your business back up and running, and who knows, maybe you’ve only become a bigger target!

Overall, the sense of violation, the immediate shock, and the worry about what to do next can be overwhelming. But what can you do? What should you do? It’s easier said than done, but you can navigate this challenging situation. With that said, let's dive into what you should do if your business falls victim to such an unfortunate event.

Assess the Situation Safely

Now, it’s so important to understand that your safety is the priority. If you discover that your business has been broken into, take a moment to assess the situation from a safe distance. You’ll have to look for any signs that the intruder might still be present or if there are any hazardous conditions, such as broken glass or exposed wiring. If you suspect the intruder could still be inside, do not enter the premises. Instead, call the police immediately and wait for their arrival.

Contact the Authorities

So, it was mentioned above, so it’s best to roll into it more. So, once you’re sure it’s safe, or if you suspect a crime is still in progress, contacting the police is your next step. You’ll need to provide them with all the details you have, including when you last saw the business untouched, any suspicious activity you noticed, and a detailed description of what’s been damaged or stolen. 

The police will likely come to your business to assess the situation, gather evidence, and take your statement. Plus, you’ll need a police report if you’re wanting to get help from insurance.

Document the Damage

Speaking of insurance, this is something else that insurance companies will need: the evidence. After the police have given you the all-clear, it’s time to document everything. Yes, EVERYTHING, so you should try to take detailed photos and videos of all the damage. 

This includes broken windows, doors, any interior destruction, and any items that have been stolen or vandalised. This documentation will be crucial for your insurance claim and for the police investigation. Be thorough and meticulous – the more information you have, the better. Basically, the more information there is, the better; plus, this sometimes speeds up the process with the insurance company, too.

Contact Your Insurance Company

All right, so the three paragraphs above (and even the intro) talked about insurance, and hopefully, you had business insurance and any other type of insurance that will protect your business. So, with your evidence in hand, the next step is to contact your insurance company. Inform them of the incident and start the claims process as soon as possible. 

They will likely require all the documentation you’ve gathered and may send an adjuster to inspect the damage (what was mentioned above). So, this part is very obvious, but it’s still needed, you’re going to have to be honest and detailed in your report to ensure your claim is processed smoothly.

Secure Your Business Premises

Once the immediate steps have been taken care of, it’s essential to secure your business to prevent any further incidents. This is where professionals come in handy. For example, you might want to look into hiring a locksmith to replace any compromised locks, which is a smart move. Clearly, if your space got vandalised or broken into, it shows that it’s not enough to deter criminals, so yes, more precautions will need to happen. 

But overall, they can ensure that your locks are robust and up to date, providing better security for your premises. Sometimes, they add bars to windows and doors, so you could look into this as well. But is that all? Well, you might want to

consider the exterior of your business. If your business was broken into, it might be time to invest in roller shutter repairs if you had these in the first place. Some businesses will already have these (especially on busy streets), but oftentimes, it’s only the front of the building, not usually the side or the back. So, you should try to book repairs ASAP and even see if you can get these surrounding your business too. Now, when it comes to security, there’s just no such thing as overboard.

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