Five Fantastic Ways To Increase Business Foot Traffic

The face of the retail industry is ever-changing. After all, not only are customer needs and expectations continually shifting, but so too are their preferred methods of shopping. For example, right now,  59% of consumers prefer to shop online.

This can lead to trouble for brick-and-mortar business owners who have set up a physical storefront for their company. After all, this can greatly reduce the number of people who come through your door, which, in turn, harms your bottom line. 

Fortunately, there are many steps that you can take to improve foot traffic to your store, helping you take your business to new heights. 

Set up a complying window display. Your window display is one of the first things a potential customer will see when they pass by your business. As such, it's something that you must execute perfectly in order to catch their eye and encourage them to step foot through the door. For example, if you run a clothing store, you should ensure that the latest fashions and trends are reflected in your window display. Alternatively, if you run a bakery or food-based business, you should set up a window-facing display fridge. This way, customers can see what delicious food you have on offer right away, incentivising a purchase. 

Add your business to Google Maps. According to the latest data, “77% of shoppers use Google Maps to find “near me” business information,” which means that registering your business on Google Maps can drastically increase the amount of foot traffic you receive. This is particularly important if your storefront is in a low-traffic area as opposed to the main high street, as the chances of them stumbling across your business organically are significantly lower. 

Offer in-store discounts. If you’re looking to encourage people to visit your store in person, there’s no better way than to offer exclusive in-store discounts. After all, everybody loves a good bargain, especially in the current climate when pay checks don’t stretch quite as far as they used to. 

Host an in-store event. In-store events, such as product launch parties and annual celebrations, are another great way to encourage more people to stop by your store in person. For example, you should make this event open to all so that both loyal and new customers feel welcome. You can incentivise attendance at the events by offering free samples or exclusive discount codes to those who stop by. Hosting events of this nature also gives you the chance to meet customers face to face, which can strengthen the relationship you share with them, fostering a sense of loyalty. 

Add your branding to the storefront. Designing a compelling window display is not the only way to capture the attention of your customers. You should also be sure to add the appropriate signage. Not only should this feature your branding and logo, but it should also give some indication as to what your business has to offer. This way, customers can begin to gain a better understanding of your brand. 

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