What Does It Take To Create A Fantastic Fashion Brand?

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Imagine if you could set up a fashion brand that had success similar to ASOS or Boho. You’d be flying high!


But making it happen is surprisingly challenging. While anyone can do it with a little vision and imagination, it always requires taking the right approach.


So what do you need to do? Well, you’re about to find out. We take a look at some of the strategies you can use and how you can implement them in your business plan for ultimate success.

Focus On the Customer

The first step is to
focus on the customer. You want to appeal to their sensibilities, whatever they happen to be.

A brand like Under Armor has taken the world by storm because it knew what its customers wanted. The company understands its target audience and isn’t afraid to give them the combination of sports and casual clothing they are looking for and can wear anywhere.


The same is true of ASOS. The brand realized people wanted the option to send clothing back if it didn’t fit or look good on them, supercharging its business model.


Leverage Quality


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The next step is to leverage quality. Using sweatshops produces cheap clothes, but that market’s already cornered by the fast fashion industry. What you want is to show you’re prepared to do things differently and make a success of it.


Adding woven labels showing the materials you use can also help. If people can see you’re committed to elevating clothing, they may be willing to part with more money.


Figure Out Your Marketing Strategy


You also need to figure out your marketing strategy. Creating an unstoppable fashion brand means developing creative ways to convince your audience you’re the best.


For example, you might:

  • Use social media to show models wearing your clothing
  • Use influencer marketing and get big names behind what you do
  • Use various creative strategies to grab attention and convince users to shop with you


Prospective customers often pay close attention to marketing drives by clothes brands because the industry is so visual. If you can communicate in a different way from anyone else, you’re much more likely to grab attention.


Focus On Sustainability


Another hot trend right now is to focus on sustainability. If you can show how green your brand is, customers are more likely to trust you and want to shop with you.


This aspect is particularly true if you are targeting younger audiences. These individuals want to see you’re taking their environmental concerns seriously and putting your money where your mouth is.


Do Fashion With A Twist


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Finally, your clothing brand needs to be fashionable, but you want to do it with a special twist. Being different is an excellent way to stand out and get more business.

Quiz, for instance, sells lots of shiny and sequined clothes, while Guest captures LA magic. Versace is all about complicated patterns while Fat Face is for people who want robust long-lasting clothes that will survive for years outdoors. Whatever you do, make it distinctive.

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