Practical Ways to Move On After a Breakup




The breakdown of a relationship is never easy to deal with, and when there are children  involved, it can be even more challenging. However, once you have come to terms with the end of the relationship as best you can, you may be keen to move on. You may have a powerful urge to move your life forward following a breakup as part of your healing process. Feeling this way is entirely natural and makes perfect sense. However, you may be uncertain about how to start moving your life forward. 


After you and your partner have separated, you will likely need to continue talking to deal with the practical side of your breakup. Resolving the practicalities of your separation as soon as possible will help you minimise your need to contact your partner, allowing you to move on faster. If you are keen to take a proactive approach to your breakup and to get the practicalities resolved quickly, the following tips should help you do just that:


Seek Legal Advice


One of the first and most crucial things you should do following a breakup is to seek legal advice. While you may still be coming to terms with the aftermath of the relationship breakdown, you will likely have many questions about how often your children will see your ex-partner, what will happen to your home, how to deal with your joint bank account, and so much more. Writing down these questions as they pop into your head is a great way to ensure you don’t forget anything. The next step is to contact a law firm highly experienced in family law cases, such as Norton Peskett. Gaining professional legal advice will help you to get answers to your questions and help you understand what to expect from the formal aspect of your separation.


Set Your Priorities 


Trying to resolve all your practical arrangements quickly is not always possible when dealing with a breakup. Attempting to deal with everything at the same time can be overwhelming, so you may find it helpful to set priorities and focus on one thing at a time. The end of a relationship is hard enough to process without piling more pressure on yourself. Thinking about the most crucial task you must complete and then focusing on it will keep your mind busy without overloading it. 


Make a Fresh Start


Tasks such as moving out of your home to sell it as part of the breakup can be particularly upsetting. But if your home is a constant reminder of a painful time in your life, moving can be a liberating experience. While it may not feel like it right now, there are endless possibilities to consider when creating a new life for yourself. This fresh start is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself and discover your hopes and dreams for the future. Writing down everything you want to see, do, and experience in this new chapter will help you shape your future on your terms. 



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