Exams Ahead? Motivating Your Teenagers to Study



It's not long until exam season which means that you'll be hot on supporting your child to study at home. It's not always easy to motivate teenagers to do academic work, especially when they are being battered left right and centre throughout their subject in their classrooms. The thing is, parents have it quite difficult during exam time because they're dealing with exhausted teenagers who will dig in their heels if they are told to do something. 

While we can't compel our teenagers to study, we can invest in good GCSE tutoring and put them on a schedule that allows them to keep a good routine of sleep, friendships, and studying. Most young people struggle with anxiety when it comes to their exams because they are unsure about the future that they hope to have. The last thing that parents want to do is pile on that pressure and make them feel like they need to do more. You want to be able to give your kids that boost that they need without negatively affecting their confidence, and it's not the easiest thing to do. You have to consider what they're passionate about as well as any extrinsic motivations you could use such as reward systems. So, let's take a look at some hints that can help you to get your child motivated to study for their exams.

  • Put together a reward system. It's the fastest and easiest way to encourage your child to do well. You want them to do their absolute best, that's just a given, but you want them to do well enough that they can get the university course or that a level course of their choice. That often means that they have to hit those high grades. You want to be able to reward them for doing a good job and their very best job, so instead of doing that, reward them for sticking to a schedule. Whether it's cash money or you decide to allow them to go out more with their friends, it's completely up to you but come up with a system together.

  • Refrain from nagging. Teenagers hate to be nagged. The moment you start nagging, that's the moment they dig their heels and even further. You don't want to check up on them too much if you can help it, as well you might think they're being helpful or encouraging, in fact what you are doing is telling them that they should be doing better or working harder. Remember, we're having faith in their abilities, and they can work on a good schedule with you when it comes to sitting down and studying so that you know they are doing it because you've agreed together.

  • Communicate. There are going to be some tensions in the house when it comes to exam time, so keep communicating and keep that communication calm. Make sure that they know that you will let them get on with their own thing as long as they're actually doing it. Trust them and trust that they want to do well in their exams. You can guarantee that every teenager is going to be looking to compete against their friends, and that should help to fuel their passion and their drive.


You want your teenager to do well, you do not want them to be perfect. The goal here is for them to get through their exams doing their very best in one piece.


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