Top Tips for Boosting Your Child’s Self-Esteem*

*This is a collaborative post*

Self-esteem concerns how we feel about ourselves and gives us the belief that we can do what we put our minds to. It’s therefore essential to explore with children as it gives them the courage to try new things and reach their full potential. Below are some tips that we’ve learned from a group of school teachers on how to boost a child’s confidence. We’ve summarised them here in this short guide.



Praise makes us feel good about ourselves, and especially children. They feel a sense

of pride and accomplishment. This can help children to build confidence and form their identity. 


Explore Their Strengths

This follows us nicely onto strengths. Sort of like the point above, it's important for children to know what they’re good at as it helps them to feel secure in who they are and their ability. As a result, they will be able to deal with the situations they come across with confidence and self-assured.


Play Dates and Clubs

If your child’s a little shy and needs help building their confidence, look for opportunities where they can socialise like playdates, or activities clubs where they can meet children other than the ones that they go to school with. Slowly they will become used to meeting new people and putting themselves out there. 


Demonstrate Self-Love

It all starts with how we talk to ourselves, and this can be influenced by you. If you're over-critical of yourself and your child, they may become pessimistic and start seeing themselves in a negative light. It’s true what they say - children are sponges and they soak up everything. Instead, demonstrate self-love, compassion and be gentle with how you approach criticism as it may knock their confidence.

I hope that this guide was helpful. For more like this, be sure to check out my other posts.

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