Helping Your Child Deal with School Bullies*

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At school your child will run into all sorts of different characters. They will get to socialise, and make friends, but there’s also the chance that they’ll meet those who they don’t get along with. Children can be mean, and sometimes without necessarily realising it. They’re still building on their emotional intelligence and learning about how to interact with others. If ever your child feels intimidated or is harmed by another, this is classed as bullying. It can be damaging for a child’s confidence and mental health. This can snowball and begin affecting their performance and motivation to go to school. Below are some tips that top independent schools recommend for helping children deal with school bullies. 

Build Their Confidence

Bullies target insecurities as they themselves are insecure so pick on others to make themselves feel better. If your child is confident and accepting of their flaws, there’s little harm that a bully can do. Also, this way of looking at things can make them understand why they are so mean and stand up to their bullies.

Confronting Their Bully

It’s important for children to stand up for themselves and let their bullies understand that they don't appreciate how they’re being treated. It may be the case that they aren't aware of how they are making them feel. This might not be easy for them to do depending on the situation so they may prefer telling a teacher or someone else with authority.

Tell a Teacher

School should be a safe place for children to attend, where they can have fun and learn. They have zero tolerance policies towards bullying for this reason which are taught about and upheld. Bullying can have serious consequences on children as mentioned earlier and if your child ever feels intimidated or is hurt by another child, they should know that they can report it to a teacher. They will be able to help by speaking to the child and making them understand that what they’re doing isn’t okay. It can be a scary concept as they may feel shy or find it difficult to talk about. Remind your child that by reporting it, they are doing the right thing and are being brave. They may potentially help other children and also help their bully realise their mistakes.

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