How to Raise a Hardworking Child*

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Raising a hard working child is something all parents think about. As parents, we worry about our children’s futures and of course, hard work is a huge part of success in life. For most people, how hard we work directly correlates to how successful and happy we are.


Hard work begins early; teaching your child the value of perseverance is vital if you want them to understand that how much effort we put in to any project or task, directly correlates with how successful our attempts will turn out to be.


Once children begin school, the routine and company of peers will do much to encourage hard work. Hard work is rewarded at this prep school in Cambridge and students learn quickly that dedication and tenacity will always pay off.


Teach the importance of routine


For children, routine is a big part of feeling safe. They naturally enjoy knowing what comes next – from an early age, children will respond well to a regular routine at home. You can start your child’s good study habits at a very early age by fitting in a short time each day for reading/writing and quiet time. Set aside a space dedicated to these quiet tasks and ensure your child knows when their period of quiet/study time is.


As they grow and begin school, this period should be slowly switched to school work. The youngest children don’t generally have homework but they do have topics which they investigate so incorporate whatever they are learning about at nursery or school into this quiet time. This will form the basis for their future revisions and homework period.


Even as adults, we can benefit from the routine of quiet study and if your child sees that you are doing just the same as they are, they will be even more likely to enjoy this part of their day.

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