3 Creative Ways To Refresh An Old Dining Room

A few years ago, 52% of Brits considered having a dining room an important area of every home. Fast forward to 2022, and the dining area is still one of the most popular parts of the house that get regular makeovers. It is easy for your dining room to look boring, especially when you’ve lived in the same house for a long time. Perhaps, you just moved into another property and want to change things up a bit. Here are some ideas to help turn an old dining room around.


  1. Replace the lighting

Lighting is essential to every home makeover. Sometimes, it is all you need to transform a room. Thankfully, several designs are cutting across different themes, making it easy to choose from the options. Dining room lighting can be as varied as you want it. However, according to interior decorators, warm and soft lighting are the most popular options. For many homes, the dining room is the place for family bonding. It is more than an area for eating.

The whole idea is to make the area cosy and inviting for you and the family. Another thing to try out is installing brightness regulators to change the ambience whenever you want. That way, when it’s a private at-home dinner with a loved one, you get to regulate the lighting to suit the mood. Your dining room lighting can be a chandelier if you can afford one. Fortunately, you will not be short on lighting options for your dining area.

  1. Reupholster your dining chairs

Have you got old chairs that make your dining room look old and boring? The easiest way to transform the area is to reupholster your dining chairs. A fresh and new fabric will make them look appealing. Moreover, changing the upholstery is cheaper if you live on a budget. On the other hand, purchase knocker chairs for your dining area if you can afford a new set. Designs like that bring a contemporary and classic appeal to the dining room.

If you decide to reupholster your dining chairs, it is best to choose the best material. Fabrics that can withstand wear and tear will be your best option. This is particularly important if you have young kids in the house. More importantly, because staples and nails will be taken out of the chairs, it is important to ensure they are firmly secured after the job is done. If it helps, the wooden parts of the chair can be sprayed to add a glossy look.

  1. Create focus with a runner

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After replacing the lighting and adding a few artworks to the walls, it will be time to create focus on the table. Usually, the table runner is the best way to do this. Although the goal is to make it the focus in this area, you may want to blend it with the subtle colours in the dining room. There is some debate about the correct way to place a table runner.

Is it lengthwise or across the width? The option is entirely yours to make as long it suits the theme you want to project. The only rule with decorative runners is to avoid laying them longer than the edge of a tablecloth. The latter should always be longer than the table runner. 


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