How To Run A Pub Business Effectively

Running any business can have its challenges but when it comes to running a boozy establishment like a pub, it takes a certain person or persons to do it successfully. Ideally, you don’t want to be a big drinker because the last thing you want to do is to be drinking through your stock.

To own a pub, business knowledge is important to have. So with that being said, here are some helpful tips to run a pub business effectively.

Look for the right pub and tenancy

It’s important to explore what’s out there when it comes to pubs and tenancy opportunities. Pubs for tenancy will be available near and far, but it’s all about finding the right place. The location can be an influence on how successful a pub is, as would the exterior and interior appearance.

The aesthetic of a pub is something that makes a difference to its popularity of it and if it’s a little run down, it might need some work done to it before it opens for good.

Hire the right talent

The right talent is essential when running any business and when it comes to running a pub, it’s important that they have the best customer service skills. The last thing you want is to have servers at the bar who aren’t customer-facing or allow their personal problems to creep into the workplace.

As with the appearance of the pub, when a person comes into the venue for the first time, they should feel welcome and greeted with a warm smile and cheerful greeting!

Keep the bar stocked at all times

When it comes to the bar, remember to keep it stocked at all times. There’s nothing worse than someone ordering a drink for it not to be available, whether that’s something on draught or a bottle of wine they’ve seen on the drinks menu.

Try to put in place a good supplier for ordering stock and be sure to over-order in the first few months of business until you notice how much is actually needed. It’s better to have too much to begin with, than not enough and risk losing customers.

Throw themed events and beer festivals

In order to get lots of attention and footfall to the pub, consider throwing themed events and beer festivals to draw in crowds. Beer festivals are always great for those who are real fans of real ales and ciders.

There are also plenty of occasions to throw some themed nights, whether it be to celebrate Christmas or the summer holidays, for example.

Promote to the local community to gain local customers

The local community is a great place to target when it comes to bringing in more customers to the pub. During quiet times of the day, the pub will rely on local customers to bring in the money and to keep the pub running.

Use local promotion where possible to attract members of the community to your venue. Running a pub isn’t easy but it can be a great way of earning money and creating a community space for many to enjoy.


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