The benefits of tennis lessons for children

Tennis lessons have been around for a very long time both in school and out. They are well known for their physical and mental benefits on individuals which is why schools encourage it so much. This is a fantastic sport that can be played with both friends and family and is extremely fun. The best part is that the health benefits continue to affect children into their adult life as well. Offering tennis lessons in schools not only provides children with fitness but helps to improve their focus and attention when it comes to their studies. Overall, it improves their well-being and academic focus in the classroom. Here is some advice from a tennis court hire in Northwood on the benefits of tennis lessons for children.


Tennis increases aerobic activities and helps to reduce obesity. Whilst children are having fun playing tennis, they are also improving their fitness levels. With obesity becoming common amongst children nowadays, it is important that children get at least up to half an hour of exercise a day. Given that is a very versatile sport, it is a great way for children to engage in fitness levels whilst instilling good habits for their future.


Tennis enhances flexibility and coordination in children. Given that it is a sport that requires full cooperation of the body, children will be running around using their arms and legs to position the racket the right way and make contact with the ball. Their core and legs will be used as well to power the tennis ball. This process happens every time the child goes to hit the ball.


Tennis boosts mental health. Tennis like all sports can help to boost a child's mental health through a combination of planning, tactical thinking and agility. Exercise is actually known to improve brain function. As well as having lots of physical benefits, children also get to work out their mind which helps to improve memory, learning and social skills. The best part is they are doing this whilst having lots of fun.


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