Why The Best Career Opportunities Are Not Always At Home



Are you stuck in a professional rut? Despite the fantastic job opportunities brought by remote working options, too many professionals feel trapped in positions that lack progress and take them away from their career dream. Why does it happen? In essence, providing remote and flexible work opportunities is not the same as offering professional development for an individual. Unfortunately, professional training and growth come at a cost for the business, which is why many prefer to focus on cost-saving solutions such as office-less workplaces rather than investing in an individual training plan. In other words, if you've made the choice to stay at home to progress your career, you may find yourself in a situation where your options are limited. So what can you do to bring your career further? 

Don't be afraid to learn more

Going back into education can be the best solution to revive your career. Gaining new qualifications is a fantastic way to boost your professional profile, making yourself a relevant candidate for new roles. Options are varied, whether you wish to address knowledge shortage in some eras with dedicated courses or whether you are tempted by a change of career with new studies. If you are in a remote role, you can even juggle day-to-day tasks with online courses, ensuring you can bring your skills to the next level without any disruption. 

Look for international roles

It may be daunting to approach a new market, but you might find that many international companies are open to working with foreign professionals. Indeed, you can bring in-depth knowledge of your local market, which they need. Additionally, you also come from a different business perspective, which can help approach projects from unusual angles. Do foreign companies require you to relocate? Not necessarily, but if they do, be sure to learn the local dos and don'ts to avoid unpleasant surprises. International businesses will expect you to have at least a basic communication level in their language so you can interact with coworkers and clients. If you are considering moving abroad, you may also want to discuss it with your loved ones. Why not introduce your child to the foreign culture with safe school trips to Paris first? They can let you know how they feel about moving and studying abroad. 

Build a network

Your professional network can open new doors for your career progression. Yet, building a supportive and active network will require a lot more than a handful of new LinkedIn connections. You must build a privileged connection with each person in your network, whether it is a former coworker or a supplier. Typically, face-to-face interactions can be more effective in propelling your career forward. Simple choices such as attending a conference meeting and discussing with participants afterwards can help make yourself memorable. Individual contacts, such as calling a customer to personally provide support or congratulate them on their achievement, will also win you their favours — which they can repay when you need them. 

Staying at home can make it harder to learn about new job opportunities and prepare yourself to outshine other applicants. Instead, you may find it more helpful to be visible to your network and make yourself desirable through additional skills and cultural knowledge. Relocating to a new region or country could also drive your career further while bringing your living costs down. What's not to like?



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