As a Homeowner, How Important is Our Roof Selection?



When we own our house, we will constantly be thinking about the maintenance of it. A big decision may come, for example, as to whether to replace our roof with one that is more suitable for either the weather conditions or our aesthetic desires. Everyone wants their home to have curb appeal from the other side of the road. A house is, after all, something of a status symbol for many of us to show that we have worked hard and achieved the success our efforts deserved.

After finding a professional roofing company, such as Bellevue Roofing Contractor, we will look to discuss with them options that impact how long our roof may last, how much it may cost in maintenance in the future, and what it will cost to install initially. Choosing a sloped roof, for instance, can make us more weather resistant and also be more appealing than its flat alternative.

Let us then consider some factors about roofs that will help us decide, should our roof have been repaired so many times that there is nothing you can do for it but book a new installation.


Roof Shape

A sloped roof will always look more appealing than just a flat roof. It may cost more initially but then will be cheaper when it comes to maintaining it. This is because flat roofs tend to collect water, which can then leak in and cause damage.

The more slopes your roof has, the better protected your home will be from high winds and adverse weather conditions. Many areas suffer badly from storms, so homeowners will want to give this some thought.



Choosing the right material for your roof is vital to its longevity. Natural slates will last the longest, and potentially over 100 years, if the slates are well maintained. Slate is, however, the most expensive material. But then, its longevity more than makes up for it in terms of its investment potential as a home improvement.

The cheapest roofing material will be asphalt shingles. For this reason, it is the most commonly used. In terms of its looks, it can look like many of the more expensive materials, even if they do not practically have the longevity of the real thing. Asphalt shingles will only, for instance, last between 15 and 25 years in comparison to slate lasting over a generation. This is a wide gap, which explains the price difference.

A standing seam metal roof will need a thicker gauge of metal and so requires skilled craftsmen to install it. This will put the cost up if this becomes your choice. It is also more expensive to have a single tile installed, rather than a composite shingle option.

The cedar shake roof is made from natural cedar wood. If you cannot afford slate, but like the natural, rustic, or rugged look, then this is an excellent alternative. It is considered one of the more aesthetically pleasing materials to the eye that is available on the market. To manufacture it, a cedar tree will be cut into 2-foot pieces and then hand sawn into a tapered thickness. There can be a lack of manufacturer’s warranty, however, because of the shingles being naturally made. Always check for a guarantee of the work as this can save on any future repair bills.


Weather Protection

Above all, a roof should protect the householder from the elements. We need to take into account wet, windy, hot, and cold climates, and what is experienced the most by a homeowner. Then, they can be best advised on the roof that is right for them.

The slate roof is impervious to the weather, in terms of the heat from the sun or the cold that frost brings. Slate is also a fireproof option, when there is a danger of fire because of extreme temperatures. To have this weather protection, though, you will need a professional to install your slate shingle roofing tiles because they can weigh between 800 and 1,500 pounds per square. That is the equivalent of 8 to 10 pounds per square foot. It is a small price to pay, though, for the peace of mind and the protection you are also providing for your next of kin.

Metal roofs perform well where there are extremes of temperature. Because metal is reflective, it is considered a cooling material.

Clay shingles, similar in weight to slate, are thermal resistant and impervious to fire, so we should also give them a mention at this point. They are eco-friendly too.


It is clear that our roof selection is important, but not a decision that we have to make alone, when our roofing installer can guide us to the right decision. 


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