The Benefits of After School Clubs for Children*


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After school clubs are not only for parents keen to maintain a level of routine with their child, it’s also beneficial for those looking to pursue specific hobbies or sports in the form of extracurricular support, team building and more. Here are some benefits to after school clubs, with the guidance from an activity camps centre.

Children are given more responsibility

Parents are giving their children trust when it comes to letting them attend activities straight after school, as they’re not returning home at their usual time in the day. For the most part these activities run for an hour, so it means children have the chance to work effectively on their own without their parents overlooking their every move.

Improves a child’s mental health

If it’s a hobby that a child’s really looking forward to taking part in, it can be one of the most exciting parts of their day. Even an hour a week playing their favourite sport can invigorate your child and boost their mental health, making them feel more dedicated and motivated to their work.

They get to engage with others

For the most part you’re going to be finding that your child is engaging with people they may not have met before, or got along with previously. Forcing them to work well in a team, the norm for a lot of extracurricular activities, can help a child on their communication, delegating and teamwork skills.

It can model positive role models

A lot of life skills can be taught in after school clubs. They may take place in the school, still, but it’s still an environment where new skills can be tested. Children can see a range of perspectives without the gaze of teachers continuously around them. Having that extra push in hobbies or activities that interest them can give them a whole new way of learning and experiencing change.



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