6 Handy Things To Have At Home If You Have Kids

A house with kids in it is always going to be filled to the rafters. Lego, barbies, and other blue and pink plastic items are going to feature strongly in your home for a few years at least. If you want to keep a sense of organisation in your space, though, here are 6 handy things to have at home if you have kids.

Organiser Containers

Organiser containers are a grown-up’s best friend. You can buy containers that stack, sit side by side, and even some that look like regular furniture and will look lovely in your living room. The more organiser containers you have the better. You will never tread on Lego while in your bare feet or accidentally set off a loud toy while the baby is asleep again if you have a good supply of these.

Basic Art Supplies

Art supplies are a fantastic tool to get you through a rainy afternoon with a toddler or young child. Some paper, a colouring book, some crayons, and child-friendly scissors are really all you need to create some wonderful works of art and craft and while away the time whilst having fun with the kids and teaching them new skills.


Sometimes the British weather will surprise you and the sun will be bright and strong. Kids tend to have sensitive skin and sunscreen is a must. Use factor 30-50 and make sure you reapply this to their skin regularly, especially if they are playing with water or in a paddling pool, as the sunscreen can wash off and leave skin prone to burning otherwise.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are an important part of your household if you have kids. Things such as plasters, antihistamines, and Calpol are the mainstay of the medical cupboard. However, other GP supplies such as disinfectant wipes, gloves, and hand sanitiser are also very important. Stock up and check the date on your supplies regularly if you want to be ready for any eventuality.

Paper Towels

Where there are kids, there are spillages. A good supply of paper towels is handy to have around right through childhood. If it is not the bottle of baby milk that spills onto the sofa it will be the squash in the glass of your tween that accidentally gets knocked over on a playdate. Paper towels are imperative if you want to make it through childhood with your home intact.


Coffee is a cure-all for the grownups, and you will find yourself drinking a lot of it. Don’t beat yourself up over your need for the brown stuff, you will need all the caffeine you can get to make it through the sleepless nights, screamy sleepovers, and endless PTA meetings.

Having kids in the house means a whole lot of fun and laughter. As long as you are well stocked up on the essentials, you will have the time of your life when they are around.


*Photo via Pexels

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