Teaching Your Child to Solve Problems Independently*


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Problems are an everyday occurrence in most homes, some worse than others. For instance, you might have lost your car keys somewhere in the house, or your child might remember that they have forgotten their science books on the way to school. Facing problems is not abnormal, and it would be wise for you to help your child learn how to solve these problems independently so that they feel confident doing so when you’re not around. I have teamed up with an independent school in Woking to offer you some advice on helping your child become a better problem solver.


Teach Your Child to Identify the Root of the Problem


It can be difficult to solve a problem if we don’t know what has caused it. For instance, they might have misplaced their pencil case somewhere in their messy bedroom, in which case you can explain that if they kept things tidy, they might not lose their belongings in the first place. Another example is that they might be complaining that they’re always hungry during class, in which case you can explain that if they ate a bigger breakfast, their tummy might not rumble a couple of hours later.


Show Your Child How You Solve Your Own Problems


Your child is always observing and learning how you deal with certain situations, so let them see how you solve problems in a positive manner. Essentially, you should start thinking aloud for the benefit of your child. Show them that things don’t have to spiral out of control when there’s a problem by demonstrating a calm and positive approach to certain issues.


Ask Your Child for Advice


When you have a problem of your own, ask your child what they think you should do. Not only will this show them that it’s perfectly ok to ask for help sometimes rather than struggle in silence, it will also help them with their confidence. Essentially, by asking for their opinions, you are showing them that you trust and value their ideas, which will help them with their self-esteem and stand them in good stead when they have a problem of their own to deal with.



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