Can Polar Credit Help You With Your Financial Difficulties?*

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With so many people and businesses affected financially by the Covid pandemic, and with unemployment figures still high, many people are currently struggling financially. I thought I’d write a post about something which might be of use to some of you out there, particularly those who are either looking to borrow money or to make a little bit. Usually I try to veer away from posts which endorse borrowing sums of money, in large part because there are usually correspondingly astronomical rates of APR which I just consider to be unethical.

I have personally seen many people and families struggle due to utilising the short term benefits of credit cards. I was once speaking to a friend from an affluent background who simply couldn’t understand why people would ever make use of credit cards, particularly those who have a less flexible budget already. However, not everyone who uses a credit card does so in order to go and waste a few thousand pounds on a Rolex or on a fancy handbag.

In most cases the reasons for borrowing money under such dire circumstances (40% APR) are often because it is the only option they have. Some people seem to have great difficulty understanding this. However, when one has been in receipt of a £150k private education,
followed by receiving a generous allowance at university, then walking into some well paid job somewhere, it is little wonder to me that such working class issues are so easily overlooked.

Families who are struggling already, and then they have an issue with the electrics in their home, (not covered under home insurance), and then the boiler breaks, then your triplets have a growth spurt and suddenly you need to buy three lots of clothes, then the car which
you depend on to get to work and drop said triplets at school unexpectedly fails its MOT. These are real issues which can happen to anyone and can force people to feel that there is literally no way out other than to apply for credit cards. However, the extortionate rates of interest can quickly become insurmountable if not managed correctly and have led to financial ruin for many people.

Polar Credit

Polar Credit is a direct lender which might be a much better option for anyone who is currently contemplating applying for credit in order to try and end their financial worries. It is a revolving credit product, not a loan. There are many benefits to using this service such as:

  • Greater flexibility in repayments than is usual for short term loans
  • It can be faster to open a credit line account than a credit card account
  • Significantly lower interest rates compared to payday loans
  • No guarantor required
  • Flexibility to borrow only the money you need and when you need it
  • Interest rates can decrease over time
  • Instant access to funds as and when you need them
  • Interest is only paid on the sum borrowed not on the total credit limit agreed
  • They offer access to small sums of money
  • Easy online application process.
  • Helpful for short term money shortfalls


Some customers have even been able to improve their credit rating with Polar Credit. The fact that small sums of credit are available, from £25 at the low end is really beneficial. It is great for responsible borrowers who only need a small amount and are not tempted to simply opt for a higher round figure, ‘just because’. It also means that by utilising an option like this, you will keep your interest rate quite low as well as keeping a firm control of your finances. For more information, please visit Polar Credit.

I have to say that if you are looking to take out a loan don’t just sign up for something which might answer your prayers in the short term but which could lead to much worse circumstances in the longer term. Weigh up all your options, and make sure you check other options before taking out a loan of any kind. 
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