When Does Your Company Need a Human Resources Department?*

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There are no policies or rules set in stone about when your business should have an internal human resources department or  hr advisors to guide you when you need it. If your company only employs a couple of staff members, you can probably get by soliciting professional advice on your HR processes and procedures. If your company runs into a specific staffing issue, you can temporarily seek advice again. Employment attorneys are experienced in dealing with the small enterprises looking to appoint additional employees and will be available to help you. 

However, if you think you need more day-to-day support for day-to-day HR issues, read through the list below and you may want to consider directly hiring an HR manager or establishing a HR department.

You want to take a closer look at performance 

It may be easier and cheaper to hire HR personnel directly so that someone in the company can evaluate employee performance over a long period. This will help you ensure that they receive training or the needed equipment and support. Correct, if your business requires regular performance monitoring. This can be particularly useful when the expected performance level is not met, which may be particularly expensive for the company and therefore worth investing in the field. 

You are not versed in employment laws

You need to know how to keep up with the necessary human resources related changes required by your business. Labor laws are constantly changing. Keeping up with all the relevant changes may be a challenge, especially if you employ multiple people. The need to appoint a professional may justify venturing into that reality. They will then keep you abreast of all the changes and inform you on potential impact on your business. 

Your company is growing 

It is time to headhunt talent, so you would need a specialist recruiter to take over that responsibility. You may need someone within your company to help you, who has an in-depth understanding of how your company works and the positions and candidates required for the position your company wants to hold.

Human resources takes up too much of your time

You are veering towards being unable to conduct business effectively. Hiring an employee to take care of HR may seem expensive, but if there are too many time-consuming problems for the top managers in the company, then if you can remove the employees, you can actually save costs for the employees. managers, so they can focus on incorporating the business.

Increase in disciplinary hearings

Change management due to growth may cause unrest linked to internal politics. Employment court fees being removed opened the door for general labor disputes between employees and employers to increase. This means having an effective human resources department internally, which can act quickly to try to resolve disputes, which can help. 

There is always the option to sign a contract with an employment lawyer to take care of your HR matters until you find the fit-for-purpose human resources professional. First do your homework to understand how this alternative works and see if it is the best option for your business. 


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