Germany As A Tourist Destination*

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Germany as a country has so much to offer visitors, from great hospitality, world renowned beers and some of the most stunning scenery you could ever hope to find as well as modern cosmopolitan cities steeped in history and culture. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Whether you’re looking for a great place to go skiing, or for an outdoor trek in gorgeous mountain ranges, or perhaps taking in one of the hundreds of magnificent castles which dot the landscape. There’s something for everyone. Below are a few places which I think might be of interest to anyone considering a jaunt over to Germany sometime. There’s so much to see and do, but here is just a list of a few places of interest that I think anyone visiting the country might want to think about incorporating into their stay.


Oktoberfest is the largest VolksFest (beer festival and travelling funfair) in the world. It is held in the Bavarian city of Munich annually and has been held since its origination in 1810. Locally it is called d’Wiesn, after the colloquial name for the fairgrounds,‘Theresienwiese’. People of all ages enjoy the festival and if you like beer, it has to be on your ‘beering bucket-list’. I’ve not met anyone who went who didn’t have an absolute blast.

In 2013, the 16 day long festival saw 7.7 million litres of beer served. Visitors can also enjoy the various amusements, stalls and games too. It would be a sin not to mention the fact that all kinds of traditional German and Bavarian foods will be available.

It is a great experience, and a brilliant and fun way to experience some of the traditions and cultural delights that Germany, but also Bavaria in particular have to offer.

Hopefully, post Covid things will one day resume to some semblance of normality. When it does thousands upon thousands of visitors will descend on the city to join in with the festivities. Most of these people will be using Ebooking and similar methods in order to book their tickets for hotels and travel arrangements etc; it is therefore advisable to make sure you leave plenty of time and book in advance, in order to secure accommodation which suits your requirements.

Bavarian Alps

The Bavarian Alps is perhaps the most visually stunning region of Germany for me, it’s mountain ranges capped with snow are second to none in terms of their splendor. For anyone who likes walking, camping, exploring, skiing, mountaineering, abseiling, etc you should definitely try and stay here for some time at some point in life.

The scenery is absolutely stunning, so much so that King Ludwig II built two of his dream castles, namely Neuschwanstein and Linderhof respectively, hidden away in the Bavarian mountains. You can take an excursion from Munich which takes in both castles for around $65. Please see the image below for what you can expect from these

breathtaking architectural gems.

I love a good castle! We are lucky enough to have our own landscape dotted with all manner of stately homes and castles, but I think the castles in Germany are beautiful, and very much akin to something from fairy-tales.

The Berlin Wall

Obviously located in the capital city, much like any other European capital it is steeped in places of interest, as well as a beautiful display of architecture through the ages. It is also very cosmopolitan and so all the modern delights one would expect are on offer. A vibrant nightlife (under usual circumstances of course), fantastic Art galleries and museums. However, I think anyone visiting Berlin ought to make time in their itinerary, if at all possible, to go and see the wall, to learn about it, and to absorb it.

Again I’m sure most of you are familiar with the wall, probably one of the most famous walls in the world alongside the Wailing Wall in Israel and the Great Wall of China. Here is some more info for anyone who would like to refresh, but it is an eerie experience, and it does us good to learn about and learn from some of history’s most poignant and tragic teachings. And the infamous ‘Checkpoint Charlie’, where many people lost their lives in their desperate attempts to escape from Soviet controlled East Berlin to West Berlin.

Although a poignant and sombre experience it is also a tale of hope, survival, love, and a people’s fight for freedom.

While in Berlin I would also check out the Charlottenburg Palace, it is a real gem!

*Header photo source PexelsSecond photo source Pixabay. Third photo source Pixabay. Fourth photo source PexelsFifth photo source Pexels.  

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