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Hands up if your partner is PlayStation or Xbox obsessed? According to Statista, 'there were almost two billion video gamers across the world in 2015 and this figure is expected to rise to over three billion gamers by 2023'. I don’t find this surprising at all, out of all the couples I know, at least one half of the couple owns an Xbox or PlayStation. I bought my boyfriend an Xbox for Christmas a few years ago and it went down a storm! Gaming is as popular as ever, I’m not afraid to admit, I’m even partial to a bit of Minecraft myself.

If you are a gamer and you’re looking to meet someone like minded who can also join in with your hobby then I recommend looking at a dating site such as 'Gamers Date'. If you’re fanatical about gaming or simply want to impress a gamer that you’re seeing then below are some ideas for the perfect gamerdates

Gaming Night

This date idea is as cheap as chips. All you really need to splurge on is your snack supply and maybe a bottle or two of wine. If you are planning a gaming night then make sure you have two console controllers. Gaming nights are also a great virtual date idea if you're virtual dating due to circumstances such as lockdown or being in a long distance relationship. Grab yourself a headset and away you go.

Quiz Night 

If you’re both avid gamers and know your stuff, then having a games quiz or trivia night is another great idea. With lockdown easing somewhat you could even host a gamer dates quiz night in your garden for couples - under the rule of six of course! Invite another two couples who also love to game, get the drinks flowing, someone in charge of the barbecue and you’re all set for a fun filled summers evening. 

Games Convention 

Unfortunately due to Covid a lot of the usual gaming conventions have been online this last year but that's all set to change. Check out Events for Gamers for a list of upcoming gaming trade fairs and conventions. Some are still being held virtually but there are others you can actually visit too. You can also find many gaming trade fairs on Gamescon which is Europe’s leading trade fair for digital games culture. Some upcoming events include; PLAY Expo Manchester, Birmingham Anime and Gaming Convention, Legends of Gaming Live, Manchester Anime and Gaming con.  

Amusement Arcades 

I love arcades! Who doesn’t? Whether it's arcade video games, slot machines, pinball machines or coin operated billiards, arcades are a great date idea if you're after some lighthearted fun. You’ll usually find an amusement arcade at every seaside resort. Check out arcades on both Blackpool and Morecambe prom. 

Escape Room 

I’ve never tried an escape room yet but I know people who have and rave about them. There’s now even outdoor versions which are great because of lockdown restrictions. Tasks include finding clues, solving puzzles and completing missions in various rooms with the goal of 'escaping' before time runs out. 

Local Events 

If you have a look at pubs and suchlike in your local area you may come across events such as BRVGCG Social Gaming Night. This particular event is held in a local pub in Bristol. It's an opportunity for gaming friends to meet up, socialise and enjoy retro gaming. The next event which is in July is all about the Mega Drive. 

Dating, especially in the early stages, can be awkward and anxiety inducing. I personally always hated sitting across the table from someone making awkward small talk not knowing where to look whilst trying to eat my meal in a ladylike manner! I’d much prefer a fun filled date idea like one of the above where you both have an activity to focus on whilst also getting to know each other. Guaranteed laughs and chatter aplenty! 

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