Expert Advice For Transforming Your Bad Habits



Are you fed up with how your bad habits hold you back and stop you from being your best self? Most people wish they could change their bad habits but feel as if they are powerless to do so. However, changing your bad habits is entirely possible. This expert advice will help you to make the right tweaks to change your bad habits for good. In no time, you’ll be transformed! 

  1. Change Your Environment

Most people don’t realize how their environment plays into their bad habits. The things you surround yourself with can have a huge impact on how well you break those bad habits and stick to good ones. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ really does work. If you’re trying to quit junk food, don’t buy it. Be mindful of what you’re going to be tempted to do when going into different environments, too. You might be fine at your own house, and then crumble when you go to a friends house or your parents house. Be vigilant in the environments you’ve always struggled in, and try to figure out why. 

  1. Avoid Spending Time With Unsupportive People

Spend more time with people who support you and less time with those who don’t. Some people will try to bring you down to their level and encourage you to give up. Don’t do it! 

  1. Tell People What You’re Doing 

Tell the world what you’re doing, or at least your friends and family. When you’ve announced it, you’ll be less likely to give up. 

  1. Understand Your Triggers and Become Mindful of Them 

When you know what your triggers are, you can become more mindful of them. When you’re more mindful, you’re much less likely to indulge in the bad habit, whether it’s binge eating or smoking. Try to get to know yourself as much as possible so you aren't ‘unconscious’ when you carry out these bad habits. 

  1. Work Through Your Trauma

See if you can work through any past trauma with a therapist or another professional. You may not have any ‘major’ trauma, but trauma can crop up in various ways, whether losing a pet or going through a break up. If we don’t work through these difficult emotions, we could end up using bad habits to cope. 

  1. Use Replacement Strategies 

Replacing bad habits with better habits can be a good way of becoming a healthier version of yourself. Looking at e liquid mixing kits could be better for you than picking up a pack of cigarettes. Drinking a tall glass of water is better than drinking a can of soda. 

  1. Visualize The Person You Want To Be And Show Up As Them 

Who do you imagine your best self to be? Visualize them and show up as them. Try to ‘act as if’.

  1. Reward Yourself

Make healthy choices to reward yourself. Perhaps you could have a full relaxation day and pamper night for putting in the effort to break your habits. Make sure it’s not counterproductive to the work you’ve put in so far! 



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