How to Make Homework More Fun for Your Child*

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Homework is often the last thing children want to do after a tiring day at school or during the weekends when they just want to relax. However, schools often set homework to help solidify or expand on children’s classroom-based learning, so it can be an important aspect of their education. It doesn’t have to be boring though. Here’s some tips from a private school in Hertfordshire on how you can make homework more fun for your child. 

Make use of technology

It’s often given a bad rap, but technology can really help your child’s learning. Seek out educational videos they can watch on YouTube or TV programmes which follow the curriculum. There are also plenty of games you can download onto your child’s tablet which they’ll have fun playing whilst also learning, such as apps for learning times tables or phonics.  Use the internet together to research information for a homework project, whilst teaching them about internet safety. Making it more than just reading text on a page will be a lot more stimulating for your child, and increases the chances they’ll absorb and retain the information they’re learning. 

Get creative

There are many ways you can incorporate a bit of creativity into your child’s learning. Explore maths by building a tower with blocks and asking your child to count, add or subtract them as you go. Relate a science or maths homework task to everyday household activities like cooking and DIY, for example, asking your child to weigh baking ingredients or learn about materials used for DIY projects. If your child is learning about  a history topic, take them to a museum which will bring the subject to life and help cement their knowledge and understanding. 

Space for studying

Make your child’s workspace as interesting as possible. Decorate it with pictures and other visual study aids, and make sure they have an assortment of colourful stationery to use. Ensure they have a desk and comfortable office chair, and perhaps another softer chair for reading. It also needs to be free from distractions. If you make it an inviting space they want to spend time in they’ll probably be more eager to do their homework. 

It’s unlikely your child is going to be particularly enthusiastic about doing their homework but employing some of these tactics will make it a lot more fun and not such a chore for both of you. 


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