A Little Information On Hospices

If You Are Employed By A Hospice In An Accounting Role

For anyone who might be involved in the running of a hospice, or if you are currently seeking to find some kind of solution to any accounting related issues regarding the management of a hospice, be aware that there are companies out there who specialize in tailoring their service to your specific needs. One of the services relates to hospice billing solutions for example, whereby you can remove a lot of the stress and time wasting traditionally associated with this mundane task.

What Is The Purpose Of A Hospice

The most important purpose of Hospice care is to preserve the patient’s quality of life, this type of care is known as Palliative care. When the patient is suffering pain or other symptoms they can be addressed through the use of proper medication as well as the care of hospice professionals. A good hospice will always take into account the patient’s social life and emotional well-being. 

Visiting a Patient under Hospice Care

Emotional well-being is of huge importance when it comes to those who are suffering from serious illness. In truth emotional well being is critical to all of us, even when in good health. It’s significance for those in care is even more so, this is why visitations from friends, family and loved ones can really help a patient’s overall emotional state. 

Tips For Visiting A Loved One In Hospice Care

The prospect of going to see someone a friend or loved one can be quite a worrying one for all kinds of reasons. A fear of suddenly not knowing what to say, the fear of potentially saying or doing the wrong thing, not wanting to cause any further distress for your loved one. 

Remember that you are there for them, so let them steer the conversation, don’t be afraid to laugh if they laugh or to cry if they cry, be a good listener, and if a silence descends, that’s perfectly fine and normal. Some great conversations can come from a shared silence.

Sometimes a patient may turn away and face the wall, or close their eyes, that’s fine, don’t push conversation if you can see he/she really isn’t in the mood to do so. Just being there, next to someone, near them, in the same room, can be of great importance and comfort for you both. 



First Visit To A Hospice

Depending on your particular situation, if you have not ever visited someone in a hospice before, you might want to book a certain amount of time and if things are going well then you can always extend your visit. This means that if the patient is not having the best day, or needs some treatment you can leave without making them feel bad about it. It’s also a good way for you to familiarize yourself with the process of booking and making a visit.  

(Please note; obviously during the Covid pandemic there are measures in place, information about current restrictions can be found at your respective hospice. Just have a look on their website if they have one, and if they don’t give them a call).

Health And Well-Being Of The Patient

When booking to visit someone you must also take into consideration the fact that the patient may have scheduled treatments and care and so please always be ready and willing to mind out of the way if nurses are doing their thing. And in some cases it might be best to leave, in order to revisit another day. 

Of course, the priority at all times is both the physical and emotional well being of the patient, so please be courteous to staff and aware that they have an important job to do, in helping to make your friend or family member as comfortable and as emotionally well as possible under such awful circumstances.



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