How To Ensure You Have A Happy Indoor Cat*

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Our family cat was called Doowluf which was pronounced 'Doo-Luf.' It might sound and look like a perculiar name but we lived in Fulwood so the name came about by saying Fulwood backwards. She was a gorgeous, happy black cat, had white 'sock' paws and she got on fabulously with our german shepherd, always playful and getting up to mischief.
Many people believe that cats are the ideal pet because they tend to be low maintenance when compared to pets such as dogs. Whilst this is somewhat true, cats still need a lot of love, attention and care to ensure that they're kept happy and content. Left to their own devices they can get stressed, bored and even depressed. 
In todays post I'm going to talk about how to take good care of your indoor cat. Whether you already have one or are considering giving a cat a home, below are a few pointers to keep in mind. A happy cat will appear healthy and well groomed. They will be playful, vocal and will have a good appetite. 

Daily Interaction and Play
It's really important that you take the time to play with your cat every day. Cats require mental stimulation and daily interaction can prevent boredom and behavioural problems. It will also help to keep your cat active which will ensure they maintain a heathy weight. 
A good game to play is hide and seek. You can hide yourself or try hiding a cat toy under a blanket. 
Blowing bubbles is another fun activity that cats love but make sure you use non toxic bubble solution. 
Motorized mice toys are great for your cat to chase. 
Bounce a simple ping pong ball on the floor or off the wall.
Try cat toys with feathers or bells.
Entertain your cat with laser pointers or puzzle toys.
Provide Appropriate Equipment
To ensure that your cat remains happy and to prevent any unwanted weight gain you need to make sure your cat gets an appropriate amount of exercise. Although indoor cats tend to be safer because they're not at risk of getting into cat fights or being run over, outdoor cats do get more opportunity to exercise, climb and hunt. Don't worry though, you can still help your indoor cat to get plenty of exercise. 
Play active games with them or do as some cat owners do and take your cat for a walk on a Daily leash. Another way to help your cat exercise is to provide equipment such as one of Catipilla's cat climbers. These super stylish wall mounted climbing frames are a fantastic way to keep your cat active. 
Cat scratchers are another must. All cats like to scratch on something, it's a form of exercise and it helps to sharpen their claws. Some also do it to mark their territory. Providing an appropriate cat scratcher will keep your cat happy and it will save your furniture from getting wrecked! The Catipilla wall mounted cat scratcher helps to tone muscles, reduces stress and helps to keep claws in tip top condition.
Keep The Litter Box Clean
Cats like their privacy when doing their business so consider giving them their own secluded spot in a quiet area of the house. Freshen up their litter tray a couple of times a day with a scoop and clean the litter box once a week when you replace the cat litter. If you're pregnant then it's important you don't touch cat litter as you're at risk of toxoplasmosis. 

Why You Should Spay and Neuter

We rescued a couple of young cats several years ago - (the story has a nice ending as both went on to happily live with a lady we knew whose cat had died.) One of the cats kept spraying the furniture with urine and the vet informed us that he was marking his territory because of his new environment. Neutering your cat is a way to stop this and once we had this done, the problem stopped. You should consider spaying or neutering your cat anyway. For starters it prevents your cat from becoming sexually frustrated, it also helps to prevent cancer of the reproductive organs.  

Companionship Is Important

Cats are social animals and can get lonely. In an ideal world you shouldn't leave them alone for long periods of time. Also consider getting a second cat as a companion so they have constant company. 


Dietary Requirements


Vital amino acids are found in protein and to remain healthy, cats need more protein than pets such as dogs. This is because a cats metabolism breaks down amino acids at a more advanced rate. These acids are essential for the repair and growth of tissue. Protein can be found in meats but make sure you cook them as raw meat can be toxic to cats. If you're unsure then speak to your vet about what to feed your cat, but as a rule most cats eat commerical dry or wet food. Just be sure to mix it up a bit, incoporate meat into their diet and don't forget treats too! 


Above all the most important thing that you can give your cat is love and attention. They're such loving and loyal animals, you'll be sure to have a lifelong companion.

*Header image source Pexels. Second image source Pexels

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