Why Virtual Dating Works*

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If you have recently found yourself single and on the lookout for love, then the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have probably proved frustrating. With physical contact out the window as laws were brought in to curb Covid, singletons across the UK were left with only a few options; a) Remain single for the forseeable future b) Fast forward a relationship from the dating stage to moving in or c) Stick to virtual dating.
Being single is great if you're happy - I was happily content being single for years - but for many others, it can be a lonely life and lockdown has unfortunately only emphasised this. 
The Positives Of Virtual Dating 
Although virtual dating may seem a little unorthodox to some, you shouldn't knock it until you have tried it. Personally I've always hated the nerves and awkward silences that come with a 'traditional' first date. Sat across from each other in a public place, never knowing quite what to say or what to ask. Not being able to fully relax and wanting desperately to escape back home. However, when it comes to a virtual or online first date it's a whole different ball game. For starters you can surround yourself with the familarity and comfort of your own home which means you'll automatically relax a bit more than you might on a traditional date. Secondly it means you'll have the opportunity to really get to know your date without feeling the pressures of getting into a physical relationship before you're ready. Online dating allows you to really learn about one another, find out each others interests so that by the time you do meet you'll hopefully feel much more comfortable and relaxed. You may also find it will build your confidence. According to an article I read recently, couples who meet online actually have longer lasting relationships.

Find A Match In Your Area
Once lockdown is lifted (and it's safe to do so,) you'll be able to meet up with your prospective matches for traditional dates. However, if you've so far only matched with people much further afield than where you live and you hate long distance relationships, consider looking at other dating apps. There are dating websites out there which are specifically designed to find a person a match in their local area such as dating agency Hertfordshire. There are websites for other areas too if you peruse the internet. Likewise if you're over a particular age and looking for love, try dating sites that cater for the more mature individual. Hertfordshire dating site for instance is just one example of a local dating site tailored for over sixties.
Stay Safe
Unfortunately not everyone you come across is going to be genuine so no matter whether you're dating virtually or in the traditional sense, you should always take measures to protect yourself. Never disclose your personal details online and when you do meet your date, make sure you do so in a public place. Also it's worth checking the dating site you're using is a member of the Online Dating Association.
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