The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children*

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There are lots of reasons why parents choose to encourage their children to join an extra-curricular club, most predominantly because it gives them a chance to develop various key skills. Extra-curricular activities include things like sports, drama, music or even community work. A private school in New York explores some of the benefits below. 

In recent years, young people have become increasingly more obsessed with smartphones and other digital devices, which prevents them from socialising face-to-face and getting the right amount of exercise. This is one of the many reasons why extra-curricular activities are great for children. It gives them an opportunity to get off the sofa and stretch their bodies, especially if its something like dance or sport.

As well as the physical benefits of an extra-curricular activity, it can also help a child with their mental health. Music and sport, for instance, help to release feel-good chemicals in the brain, so learning an instrument or joining a football club could help your child relax and generally boost their mood. Without some kind of creative outlet, your child may become bored and restless, which could lead to other behavioural problems. 

Extra-curricular activities also allow children to become more confident, as they explore a new environment, make new friends, and develop a range of crucial life skills, like teamwork, dedication, communication etc. Winning a sporting event or successfully performing in a play will go a long way to boosting their self-esteem. What’s more, your child will become better at managing their time, while fitting in their schoolwork, social life and a new hobby.

Future employers and universities will look favourably on candidates who can demonstrate their commitment to going above and beyond their education and developing on a personal level. As a result, joining an extra-curricular club may help open up various opportunities to them in the future that might otherwise be difficult to come by.



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