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It's almost that time of year again - yes you guessed it - Christmas is just around the corner, my absolute favourite time of year. Whenever I mention the C word you can guarantee that I'll get a mixed response. There's always the anti-Christmas Grinch who groans at the mere mention of the forthcoming festivities, but for the most part my friends and family love Christmas just as much as me. If you're not already organised for the big day then now is definitely the time to start buying your gifts, planning the food for the big day, getting the decorations out and of course writing your Christmas cards.

Thanks to Covid Christmas will be a little different this year but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy it. In fact it's all the more reason to make an extra effort to spread some Christmas cheer. Lot's of people are facing a lonely Christmas 2020 and sending a Christmas card whether the physical or digital kind is one of the cheapest and nicest ways you can put a smile on someone's face. 

Traditional Christmas Cards

Apparently we started the tradition of sending Christmas cards in England in 1843. Indeed traditional physical cards are a lovely way of spreading Christmas cheer but the downside is that they can be costly, not just in the buying of the cards but in the actual sending too. Stamps are so pricey these days, I've easily spent £50 some years when posting my own cards. They also have a negative impact on the environment. The production of traditional cards unfortunately contributes to carbon emissions and when you look at statistics that suggest 1.5 billion Christmas cards are bought every year, that's quite a carbon footprint. Apparently only one third of paper is recycled here in the UK with many Christmas cards instead ending up on landfills. Delivery of these cards whether it be via car, van or plane also contributes negatively to the environment. Despite these negative points, there's no doubt that sending a Christmas card shows you care, spreads holiday joy and can make a persons day.

Digital Christmas Cards

So is there an alternative? Yes there is! Thanks to the ever growing digital industry, e-cards or digital cards are fast becoming the way forward. Digital Christmas cards have many perks. Not only are they more environmentally friendly but they're also lots of fun to make once you've got the knack. There's also no need for stamps or the hassle of having to post them. Of course you can print off and post your digital cards if you wish but before you do, consider some of the benefits of sending them electronically. For starters it's quicker and more efficient, at the simple click of a button you've immediately sent your card to the recipient, and as mentioned above there's no need for stamps so you'll save money on postage too. 
Generally speaking digital cards are relatively low cost to make unless you choose to pay for a particular font or design bundle but you really can make them as cheaply as you wish. 
Look around for websites such as Font Bundles that offer free fonts to help you with your designs. It's relatively straightforward to download and open fonts from Font Bundles onto your PC or Mac but if you struggle there is technical support on hand to help you out. For any Chromebook users - unfortunately Chromebooks aren't able to install extra fonts so if you do fancy creating your own digital Christmas cards then you'll need to borrow a standard laptop.

Don't forget to utilise other card making services too such as Canva, SmileBox and Monogram Maker. You can be as creative as you like when making your own digital Christmas cards. If you're particularly arty or computer savvy then you can go to town on your designs, if not then don't worry, why not use some of the available online templates to help you get creative? You could even upload family photos to your cards to give them a really personalised touch, or if you're sending a card to a friend you've not seen in months, why not upload an old photo of the two you? If you look on free licence photo websites such as Pexels you'll find plenty of Christmas images and scenes that would look perfect on a Christmas card.

Have A Very Merry Christmas

As I write this we're still in lockdown and Christmas looks a little uncertain, no-one knows yet what's just around the corner. That said, life is too short so I for one intend to count my blessings and make the very most of Christmas regardless, and I'll definitely be sending some of my own digital Christmas cards! :)

*Header photo source Pexels.

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