Choosing The Perfect Diamond Engagment Ring*

*This is a collaborative post*
With so many different Diamond Engagement Rings to choose from it can be difficult making a decision. One of the main considerations for many people will be budget. There is of course no set rule about how much you should spend on an engagement ring although some sources suggest it should be two or three months salary, but realistically you should only spend what you can afford. The giving of an engagement ring should be a symbol of your love and commitment, not the cause of financial worry and stress. 
Once you've figured out your budget you should get an idea - (if you don't already know) - what sort of style your partner likes. Does your other half like chunky statement pieces or do they prefer the more delicate and minimalistic look? It's a good idea to pay close attention to any hints that your partner drops!
There are various choices of setting to choose from that will show of a diamond beautifully; Prong, Pave, Halo, Tension, Channel, Side stone, Three ring, Cathedral, Tiffany, Bezel, Crown, Basket, Vintage, Cluster, Twist... The list would appear to be endless so how do you know which to go for? Definitely do your research before you part with any cash to see what sort of setting your partner likes. My personal favourites are the prong, the pave and the halo setting. A prong setting is a classic and holds the diamond snug and securely in place. It also allows lots of light to bounce off the diamond. Pave settings consist of lots of small diamonds set along the band whilst a channel setting has lots of diamonds set within the band. A halo setting has lots of smaller diamonds encircling a larger centre diamond. 
You also need to consider the shape of the diamond. Does your partner love a traditional round solitaire? Or do they prefer one of the many other styles? Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Oval, Pear, Heart, Marquise and Cushion are some of the various available shapes. If you visit Abelini Jewellery you can peruse the many different styles, shapes and settings available.

When you're looking at metals, some people are a fan of the traditional yellow gold option whilst others prefer the modern look of white gold or platinum. If you're going for gold stick to 9 or 14k as unfortunately 18k tends to be softer and as such will scratch more. Platinum is technically stronger and more durable than gold but again it can scratch more easily. 
Size wise remember that you can always resize if necessary but usually only two sizes smaller or larger. Ideally try to get the best fit possible to save hassle later. If you choose a ring that has diamonds the whole way around the band, these will be damaged if the ring does need resizing. There are a couple of ways you can find out your partners ring size on the quiet. If they already wear a ring on the same finger but on the opposing hand, take this ring to a jewellers and have them measure it. Alternatively whilst your partner is asleep, tie a piece of string around their ring finger and mark this with a pen then measure the string.
Finally you need to decide on colour, clarity and carat size. Remember the larger the carat the more expensive the diamond will be. Once you've decided on the perfect ring all you need to focus on is pulling off the perfect romantic proposal!

*Photos taken from Abelini website


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