What are the Benefits of School Trips for Children?*


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School trips may not seem that important with regards to a child’s education, but they are a fantastic way to enhance learning outside of the classroom setting. They can start as early as nursery but as the child gets older, the school trips become increasingly more exciting, taking students all around the world to support subjects like geography, history, science, and even different languages. There are many benefits to school trips, as explored below by a prep school in the Cotswolds.

Educational trips provide an immersive learning experience to young people in a multi-sensory manner, which is not only enjoyable but also more memorable than a normal lesson. Reading about something in a textbook is entirely different to actually experiencing it hands-on or seeing it with one’s own eyes. Since the learning experience is attached to a fond memory, a child will be better able to retain the information and remember it during an exam.

Not only do school trips help support a child’s academic progress, they also help them on a personal level. They are able to bond with their peers and teachers in a more relaxed environment helping them to become more confident and learn how to work as part of a team. What’s more, by exploring an unfamiliar setting without the comfort of their parents, children are able to become more independent. They may have to ask for directions or speak in a foreign language, helping to boost their self-esteem and just generally step out of their comfort zone. 

Parents and teachers can use school trips as an incentive to encourage children to work hard and behave well during lessons. School trips make a nice change for students, who deserve a break from the classroom environment from time to time and feel like they are being rewarded for their efforts.


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