How Does Moving Schools Impact Your Child?*

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There are lots of reasons why a child might move to a new school. Perhaps it is just the natural transition from primary to secondary or maybe your family has had to relocate due to work commitments. Whatever the reason, it may be quite a challenging experience for your youngster and they will require some additional support from you to get them through it. Here are some tips from an independent school in London.

When joining a new school, your child will have to adapt to many things, especially if it’s in the middle of term time. Not only will they have to get used to a new environment, they might also have to acclimatise to a slightly different curriculum and a new teacher with unique teaching methods. What’s more, the other students will have to adapt to having a new child in their class, which can be quite disruptive. With that said, it is possible that your child might fall behind a little when they first move, so keep an eye on their performance and don’t be too hard on them if they appear to be struggling. It might help to hire a private tutor for a short while until they are settled.

Your child might be feeling upset and anxious about saying goodbye to their old friends and meeting new people. This is particularly true if your child is quite shy and struggles with their social skills. If possible, try and arrange for them to meet up with their old friends or even just video call them from time to time so that they feel less alone. Perhaps encourage them to join some extra-curricular activities at the school where they will find opportunities to make friends.

Generally, just try and maintain a positive outlook so that your child doesn’t take on any of your stress or worries on top of their own. When choosing the school in the first place, involve your child as much as possible so that they feel their voice is being heard and they aren’t just being dragged along for the ride. Visit the premises before your child starts so that they can become more familiar with their new surroundings in advance.


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