Advice on Buying a Car for Drivers with a Disability

One challenge that comes with having a disability is finding the right type of car. While other drivers are keener on fuel efficiency and safety ratings, drivers with disabilities have a unique list of considerations. Fortunately, the market is becoming more aware of these special needs and is designing cars to this effect.

People living with disabilities can now own a car that’s specifically tailored to their needs. They can now travel in comfort and freedom, providing a lot of convenience to the families who care for them. The vehicles come in several designs, including wheelchair vans and cars, wheelchair cabs, and wheelchair-accessible minibuses.

If you intend to buy a wheelchair-accessible car, go to a qualified dealer like Motability Cars.

They best understand your needs and will guide you towards choosing the best vehicle. In your search, here are the factors to consider.

Your Comfort Comes First

The most significant consideration to make when buying a wheelchair-accessible car is the level of comfort. How cozy a vehicle is can make it your dream car or a nightmare altogether. Check to see that the vehicle you choose has quality suspension and provides a smooth ride. If you suffer from chronic pain, you’ll appreciate the suspension.

You also want a spacious car that has enough room for your medical equipment. Depending on your health concerns, give your dealer as many details as possible. This way, they can provide the most suitable suggestions for your situation. If possible, bring along your medical equipment when you go shopping for your car to see how well it fits in the cargo space.

Safety Standards

The second most important feature you have to consider is your safety. Some security requirements you must check are the wheelchair restraints and harnesses. They must be manufactured according to the stipulated safety standards. The last thing you’d want is to be thrown out of position while on transit.

Check the ramp to see if it can handle your weight and that of your wheelchair. It also shouldn’t be too steep as to compromise your safety. 


There are other essential features of the vehicle that you should check. Apart from the equipment and facilities, check if the car can accommodate other members of your family. How is the seating arrangement, and is it comfortable for other occupants?

Does the cargo space provide enough storage room for long-haul traveling? If possible, choose a car that can be driven by someone without a disability. If it requires modification, confirm if this will come at an extra cost.

Buy a Car for the Long-Term

Consider how your needs can change in the future. Instead of buying a vehicle to suit your current needs, go for one with some sense of versatility. For example, consider how your health is likely to progress in the next few years. Can the car be modified to suit your new conditions as they change?

Take Away

Buying a car for a person living with a disability entails many more considerations than a regular vehicle. Ensure you deal with a qualified and reliable dealer to help you choose the best car. However, use your judgment to strike a balance between what they recommend and what you need.


*Contributed by Sam Jones. *Photo source Pexels

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