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When you’re a blogger, it’s a job that can be 24/7, whether it’s your full-time career or you’re simply doing it as a hobby. There’s always something you can be doing to improve your blog and everything that surrounds it but we’ve only got so much time in the day to do it all. It’s essential not to run yourself into the ground, so here are some tips for looking after your health as a blogger.

Get The Right Eyewear

The right eyewear is important when it comes to being a blogger because your eyes are going to be staring at a screen, a lot longer than usual people would spend doing. With that in mind, it’s worth taking a look at the list available when it comes to protective eyewear that’s going to help keep your eyes healthy and your vision as sharp as it can be. There are glasses that can be both prescription and non-prescription, which help to block out blue light. Blue light is what can cause your eyes to feel tired and sore after spending time in front of a computer. There’s definitely a difference when you use them as opposed to not using them. Consider what eyewear you currently have or if you have anything at all. There are screen covers you can get but it’s worth looking at wearing glasses when you’re spending hours in front of a screen on a daily basis.

Set Your Working Hours

Your working hours can tend to vary depending on whether blogging is your full-time job or whether it’s simply a hobby that you have. It’s a good idea to look at how much you’re working on when it comes down to your blog and if it’s getting out of control, set your own working hours. If it’s your full-time job, then you are your own boss and so it’s good to be able to dictate as and when you need some time off or when you want to start and finish your work.

Take A Digital Detox Every Now & Then

A digital detox can be helpful as a blogger because you can spend both your personal and professional time looking online. And as much as it can be fun to use, social media can also be a very toxic place. With that being said, a break from it can be needed every now and then to reset the batteries and give yourself a break. Take a digital detox when it’s needed and then you can hit the ground running once you’ve taken some time off.

Eat And Drink Well

As a blogger, the working hours can vary and time can run away with you. That means that you should be looking at making sure you have plenty of food to eat and water to drink throughout the day. Keeping yourself on a healthy diet is important, so look at ways you can improve your eating habits.

Your health is important, so look after it when you’re blogging. 


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