Dating During A Lockdown*

*This is a collaborative post*

The current lockdown which we are all experiencing is no doubt posing all kinds of problems to everyone’s normal daily life. It seems very unnatural and serves as a timely reminder that we shouldn’t take anything for granted.

One of the biggest ways in which my own life has been affected is that due to my partner being at risk, and with our baby girl having had a few health related speed bumps; they have been self isolating for over four and a half weeks now.

It’s been very tough not seeing them both for so long, and not being able to spend time with them and just do all the normal things. One of the best ways we have stayed in touch is by using Facetime. It certainly is a great way for me to check in and to see how they are both getting on, and it is definitely better than an ordinary phone call.

With our little one growing up so fast I am hoping I don’t miss out on certain milestones. I have already missed her first crawl, and first stand alone, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed she waits a little while before taking her first steps.

Facetime is great for me and my partner to chat face to face and it’s brilliant being able to see them both smile. It’s enabled us to have a little bit of family time through this period of separation. 

It Could Be Worse Of Course

We shouldn’t take for granted how lucky we are to have such means of communication, not so long ago in our history we would have had to rely on writing letters. The immediacy of communication is one of the world’s biggest assets, I feel in overcoming the virus.

We have seen world leaders, top scientists and experts, liaising with one another. Cabinet meetings held via online video conference, and Medical Professionals, combining their efforts and expertise into finding potential vaccines, tests, engineers are designing better ventilators and equipment, innovation is going on all around us.

Dating During Lockdown

For many of you singletons out there, dating might have taken a complete back seat as you prioritise the health of you and your loved one’s. But for some of you now might be a good time to actually try online dating. 

Some women have already expressed that they welcome the prospect of meeting people and talking with people online while there is an enforced lockdown. To paraphrase one, she said it means guys will have to spend time actually talking which means both parties can get to know each other better, rather than insisting on meeting up right away.

This harks back to a time since forgotten about, when courtship was a much slower and gradual process. And this has come as a welcome change for some. Online dating platforms will surely prove to be useful during this difficult period. Whether you're looking for a relationship, are in need of companionship or just fancy chatting to someone if you're lonely, Birmingham Dating and other platforms may be just what you're looking for. 

Dating sites can be an altogether daunting prospect if you've never used one before but you needn't be afraid, sites for over 60s dating in Birmingham and such like are fairly simple to use and whilst you're in the comfort and safety of your home there's nothing to worry about. Please however always remember to treat online dating as you would dating face to face, don't give away too many personal details until you're sure of the person you're connecting with.

Many people find themselves at a loss at the moment, and being alone can be especially hard at times like these. Whether it be companionship you seek or more, you can find a lot of like minded people online at the moment. Why not join in and see that the art of conversation is not a thing of the past, not quite yet anyway.

Problems posed to Cohabiting couples

It apparently hasn’t all been sunshine and roses for those couples who live together, married people as well as relative newbs are all experiencing a wide range of emotions and problems. Afterall it isn’t normal or natural for us as humans to be so cooped up. And for some of you out there being stuck in the same space for twenty four hours a day seven days a week is starting to become a little bit fractious. 

It can seem like the world has suddenly become very small, and many relationships are feeling the strain. I’d say that is a fairly normal consequence, most people like to be able to have a little bit of space at least. Just take a deep breath, it won’t last forever.

*Contributed by Michael David. *Header photo source Pexels. Facetime photo source. Stay safe photo source.

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