How to Make Your Wedding Stand Out*

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There aren’t too many days in your life that’ll be bigger than your wedding day. Indeed, it’ll probably only be the birth of your child, if you decide to have one, that stands out as more seminal. So you’re fully justified in pushing the boat out and having an awesome day. And if you’re going to put a lot of effort into planning your wedding day, then you don’t want it to be “just another wedding.” You’ll want it to stand out from the crowd. By incorporating some extra thought into the planning stage, you can make yours one that lives long in the memory of your guests and, of course, you and your partner. Here’s how.

The Invitations

Your wedding begins long before the actual day itself. Make people pay attention with knockout invitations. You can play with colours, materials, and the wording itself. The style and the content of the invitation is the first thing people will know about your wedding -- make sure it’s impressive!

The Venue

The best way to make a splash at your wedding is to pick a knockout venue. It sets the tone and wows guests from the first minute that they arrive. If you get married in a barn wedding venue, for instance, then you’ll ensure that your big day lives long in the memory. The venue is more than just a place to host a party; it contributes to the overall feel and vibe of the day. 

Think of Convenience

Many couples are pretty good at making their wedding look and feel magical, but they don’t always think of the logistical matters as much as they should. The aim is to have your guests focused entirely on the spectacle and fun of the day, but they’ll be somewhat dampened if they’re thinking about how they’ll get home, or they have to look after their kids or whatever else. Think of these matters beforehand. You could put on a coach to take people home, or hire a communal babysit, so the parents can have fun. It’s all about making it as easy to enjoy themselves as possible. 

Have Fun 

If you’ve been to weddings before, then you’ll know that sometimes, the only people who don’t seem to be enjoying themselves are the bride and groom. It’s not that they’re not happy, it’s just that they’ve got so many other things on their mind. When it comes to your big day, trust that everything will go well and that people are having fun, and enjoy yourself. It’ll make the day extra memorable for your guests. 


All weddings are special, but some are more special than others. By taking on board the tips that we’ve outlined above, you’ll have a wedding day that stands out in all aspects, from the invitations all the way through to when the last guest leaves. You’re only going to get married once, so make sure the memory doesn’t get lost in a sea of all the other weddings!

*Contributed by Sam Jones. Photo source Pexels - CC0 Licence

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