Three Great Career Ideas If You Have an Independent Streak*

*This is a collaborative post*

As an independent person, you may discover that any job in which you have to work with a boss monitoring your progress is not going to get the most out of you. If you work best unsupervised, and you know how to stay independently motivated, you may find the traditional corporate structure a little stifling.

As an independent person, it can be difficult to decide on a career that will be satisfying to you. Whether you need a change, or you're just starting to look into career options, these tips for independent people will give you some helpful ideas as a starting point.

Be An Entrepreneur

One of the most common career choices for independent people is starting a business. Whether you launch your own online brand, or put skills learnt in your current role to use in your own way, what could be better for an independent person than getting to be your their boss? Answerable to you alone, you'll manage your progression and monitor your performance yourself. That means you get to say what matters to your business and what your goals will be. You may have existing skills that you’ve picked up in other roles or other unique experiences you’ve had life, which will put you in a strong position to launch your own business. For example, if buying your house made you realise that you have a feel for the property market, real estate training may be all you need to start your own real estate office.


The world of education is home to countless independent people, who get to follow their own interests, rather than adhere to standard business practices. A rewarding career as a university professor or a school teacher can provide plenty of opportunities to devote your energy to researching things that fascinate you, while paying the bills, too. Lecturing at a university usually means designing your own curriculum for your students, and basing your pedagogy on areas of particular interest. (There’s no chance of getting bored, when you can keep changing it up!) One of the main attractions of the education system for independently-minded people is that these institutions remain one of the only places where the work environment is unpressured, so that creativity can thrive.

Be a Private Detective

Many independent people are classed as introverts, personality-wise. Maybe you’d rather spend your work day in solitude, focused on a task that stimulates your curiosity and provides endless challenges. As a private detective or investigator, your time will be spent watching and pondering the habits of individuals, and working out what’s going on. Every case is different, so your own instincts and deductions will come to the fore in every unique situation. And the best part for an independent person? Your work is largely unsupervised. Of course, you may have a partner, but if they’re an introvert like you, they’ll probably be happy to work in silence.

Whatever type of work you like to do independent people don’t always land in the right job the first time around. These ideas could help you find your place. *Contributed by Sam Jones. Header image source - Pexels CC0 Licence. Second image source: Pexels CC0 Licence.

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