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I've always loved a bargain which makes me great to go shopping with if you want to save money, not so great if you want an easy life. I am truly that annoying person who will walk an extra couple of miles to the supermarket rather than nip to the corner shop just because my favourite box of cereal is a pound cheaper. And now that I'm responsible for a child too, money needs to stretch even further. Good job I've got used to being frugal right? 

When it comes to online shopping I'm just as bad. I point blank refuse to simply add items to my cart and hit checkout. Instead no matter what I'm buying, I will scour the internet for a relevant discount code. Sometimes I am successful, other times I've wasted over an hour to no avail. Mock me if you want but I've saved so much money over the years. Fifty percent on my takeaway pizza, a huge percentage off my bedroom curtains, about a third off Olivia's car seat. I am tenacious in my mission but often it pays to be determined in life. 

Yes if I'm honest it can be somewhat frustrating having to scroll the net looking for codes, trying them all individually. Some will work, some won't, some will be invalid and some will have expired. That said, I still always do it! 

Lucky for me - and for all of you, - I've recently been introduced to a new voucher website which takes away the hassle of having to manually search for codes. 

CodeGuesser is really easy to use and is different from many other voucher websites. It searches the net to find discount codes that will work with your chosen store at the click of a button. For example, I browsed the net looking for a sofa. I found a gorgeous plush indigo velvet three seater sofa from Made, I copied the relevant URL (web address) and pasted this into the search box on CodeGuesser. CodeGuesser then ran a search and found 296 relevant discount codes. While I sat back and relaxed, CodeGuesser got to work testing each one to see which were valid. It successfully found six. No download needed and it was completely free.

Alas I didn't actually buy the sofa! What can I say? Apparently when it comes to furniture I have very expensive taste so even with a discount it was still way out of my price range but one can dream right? :)

Let me know if you try out CodeGuesser or if you have any other money saving tips!

*Header photo source Lovefreund. CodeGuesser image source.

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