Spice Up Your Life With The Spice Girls And Walkers*

*This is a collaborative post*

As many of my long term readers will know, I am a huge Spice Girls fan so when I was asked to write this post I literally leapt at the chance! From the first day that I heard Wannabe back in 1996 - where has the time gone? - I was hooked. I wanted to be a Spice Girl, Baby Spice in particular. and I had to have every little bit of Spice Girls memorabilia that existed from stationery and magazines to the limited edition Spice Girls Impulse. Who remembers that?? 

Their posters adorned my walls, their music played out of my old Alba personal cassette player and my sisters had to endure me as I made them learn all the dance routines just so we could put on shows for mum and dad! Obsessed may have been a better word really but there was something about the Spice Girls that was just very, very special. They made me feel like anything was possible, that I had girl power too, that I was a part of something much bigger than just me and that I could achieve all my dreams. And at a time when I was still at high school and being picked on, the Spice Girls and what they stood for really got me through tough times. Even to this day, when a Spice Girls song comes on the radio I am filled with a feeling of excited nostalgia. Indeed when I need a pick me up or to feel inspired, Spice or Spiceworld are still my go to albums. 

Spice which was their debut album, sold millions of copies worldwide and it became the best selling album of all time by a female group. Since then the girls have gone on to sell more than 85 million records and have won a host of awards including a well deserved BRIT Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music. It really was truly a special era, not only did they make history but they empowered individuals all across the globe with their message of girl power and positivity. 

They also appeared on many a TV advert and lent their faces to several brands. In fact back in 1997 when everything 'Spice Girls' was taking the world by storm, Walkers - the UK's favourite crisp brand, teamed up with both the girls and Gary Lineker for a fun and girl power filled TV advert! Now more than twenty years on and as they tour the UK and Ireland, the girls have once again teamed up with Walkers for a brand new TV advert which you can watch below.

Walkers reunites with the Spice Girls for the 'Walkers Spice Girls Best Ever Fan' campaign!

'This competition is now closed'

The advert which searches for the 'Best Ever Fan,' is Walkers at its classic best showing the lengths some people will go to avoid sharing their Walkers crisps. To be in with a chance of winning VIP tickets to a Spice Girls concert along with a meet and greet, five star accommodation and travel, fans were asked to post a Spice Girls related snapshot on social media along with the hashtag #BestEverFan and @Walkers_Crisps. Images could be from yesteryear or fans could instead create something new and this week on the 5th June, one of the thousands of submissions that were entered will take the title of 'Best Ever Fan' for real. What a prize! I'd have loved to have got tickets for this Spice Girls tour but unfortunately as the dates clashed with my baby's due date it was a tad impractical! Here's hoping that they do another tour and I can get tickets, fingers crossed hey?! In the meantime I'll instead crank up my Spice Girls tunes and live vicariously through fellow fans as they upload photos and updates to social media!

*Photo source/credit: 'Walkers 2019 Spice Girls Ad'

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