Some Tips For Your Dream Winter's Wedding*

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For many people, the idea of a magical Winter's wedding is the ultimate, and apart from the obvious potential pitfalls which can befall a Winter wedding, - mostly weather related - there are many upsides to having a wedding at this time of year. With the right preparation you can ensure you have a weatherproof day of celebration and revel in the the excitement of your Big Day.

Save Money On Your Venue

The first advantage of a Winter wedding is that by comparison with Summer weddings, you can actually save a small fortune when it comes to venue fees. Because business is slower for wedding vendors and suchlike during Winter they will be keen for your business. For many people who might be a little strapped for cash, you could also consider getting married on a weekday in order to really save a sizeable chunk of money again particularly when it comes down to venue fees, the differences in the fees are quite extraordinary.

If you would like to have a 'big' wedding and need plenty of guests, a weekday wedding will be unlikely, but for those who picture the smaller more intimate wedding it might be a more feasible and cost-effective option. However if you aren't particular bothered about having a Summer's wedding then you will find the Autumn, Winter and Spring seasons much more affordable than Summer weddings. Also with regards to having a Winter wedding, do not be afraid to shop around, haggle with venues and vendors on pricing, or be politely cheeky and ask for some kind of deal etc.

Again due to business being slower during these months they should be more open to your negotiations. We are spoiled these days with our range of options with regards to venues, and a quick online search will bring up a list of potential candidates. With so many old stately homes, former castles and historic buildings now transformed into the perfect wedding day venue. Botley's Mansion is a great example of this. For those who might like a more modern feel to your wedding, have no fear, that options list is also considerable. Lot's of venues will have their own website, so be sure to check out menu's, photo galleries, potential themes and other details before you get in touch as this will help you to discuss and tailor your plans to your specific design.

Make The Most Of The Photography

With high risk comes high reward, and with regards to booking a Winter's wedding and hoping for the best weather possible: if it is good weather especially, the photographs can be amazing! If you are planning on a wedding with a good backdrop or with beautiful scenery then you can really get some beautiful crisp clear images. And with a bit of luck you might get that dusting of snow, which of course is what everyone who dreams of a Winter's Wedding envisions right!? The opportunity for the most beautiful and dramatic wedding photographs are during Winter. 

Many of your guests will be taking their own photos too so be sure to make use of a wedding photo sharing platform. Wedding photo shop in particular is free to join and allows your guests to upload photos as they take them throughout the day.

Indulge In The Romance

There is something wonderfully romantic about a Winter wedding. As mentioned the opportunities for amazing pictures and moments from a magical snow coated Winter's wedding are second to none and obviously unique only to this season.

Take Your Pick

If you are considering getting married during the Winter months then you will most likely have your pick of venues, officiants for your ceremony and reception as well as bands and or DJs etc. Vendors are more likely to be available also and you will be more likely to get the photographer that you really want, or perhaps that exquisite caterer who did your best friend's wedding last summer.

Dare To Be Different

There is no denying that by holding a wedding in Winter you will be able to make your wedding your own in ways which are not an option during the Summer's months. Of course you can embrace one of many themes depending on your culture and background, from Christmas, to Honika to Winter Wonderland. You can add unique twists and turns of your own which will give your Big Day a truly special and memorable experience. Also another plus, is that you can rest assured that your guests and vendors are going to be happy, fresh and raring to go. This is not always guaranteed during Summer, as the wedding season can burn people out at times. 

*Written by Michael.
 Photos via Pixabay and Pexels.

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