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So we are now well into February and I am curious as to how many of us made resolutions a few weeks ago relating to improving our own levels of health and fitness? Well the good news is that for those of you sticking to it, you should be seeing results by this stage and if you are seeing noticeable improvements then I congratulate you. It is always a struggle for me to stick to mine that's for sure, but barring a few cheats here and there i am sticking to things reasonably well i'd say. God loves a try'er and all that. 

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However, one of the downsides to suddenly becoming more health conscious is that it is eminently possible that like me, you might one day open your wardrobe door, only to pull out an item (a previous fave) which you quickly realize no longer fits; and worse still, as you further investigate, you find the only things which still fit you properly are the decade old pieces which have been collecting dust in the corner and should have been sent to the re-cycling unit long ago.

Or perhaps with Valentine's Day around the corner, you might be looking for a great chance to purchase a quality garment relatively late on for your partner, and again it is worth noting that this is a retailer who specialize in purveying only quality goods from the most reputable of brands as afore mentioned. There a lots of pieces which are unusual and unique, and it's always nice to know you've got something relatively few people will be wearing when you next go out.

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There are also a good choice of watches from some great names in the world of horology, names such as Tissot, Raymond Weil et al, a good quality watch is always a sure fire winner as a gift for a man in your life I think. Whether for Valentine's, as a birthday gift or to celebrate someones retirement, after all a beautifully crafted timepiece can be a beautiful reminder and a lifelong keepsake. There's also a great collection of ladies watches too, special mention must go to Swarovski who have come out with some absolutely beautiful pieces, elegant to 'glitzy glam', I would say there's something for everyone.

Image Source OD's Clothing

I am on the lookout for some inspiration for this forthcoming Spring/Summer as I'd like to have a refreshed look this year. There are lots of great items at as you can see from the images. If you are on the lookout for accessories or a handbag then you are also in luck as they have a great selection to choose from. They have top quality items, and cater for every occasion, whether smart or really casual.

We have just had a real 'cold snap' but with the blue skies and sunshine later in the week, it seems the promise of the forthcoming Spring shall shortly be upon us. So, whatever your reason for having a splurge, be sure to check out OD's Designer Clothing as they cater to all demands with a fantastic collection of designer clothes men, women and children.

Image Source OD's Clothing

It's always great to feel good in what you wear, especially at the gym when training as this is when we really need garments which are comfortable,, supportive as well as stylish (of possible) and so it would be remiss of me not to at least mention the Designer Ladies Tracksuits which are currently in stock from designer such as Moschino, Calvin Klein and True Religion which personally i think both look great, and ideal for training. They also have some with a slightly thicker material which would be great for those outdoors cold morning runs when a little more warmth might be required.

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