The Wonders Of A One Piece

If your New Year’s resolution was to exercise more, then chances are you might have jumped back in the pool. Exercising should, hopefully, mean returning to a sporty one piece. It does, however, seem a shame that the all-in-one piece swimming costume has been reserved to just the training pools.

With so many shops selling every different shape and colour and bikini, it’s easy to forget that the one-piece has you covered – literally. Not everyone absolutely loves donning the swimsuit equivalent of being in their underwear. Two pieces are the dream for some women, but not all. There are plenty of swimsuit options for fuller curves and women of every size, but here are a few points in praise of the one-piece. 

It’s all well and good picking your favourite palm-leaf print for a triangle bikini, but will that make the most of it? The coverage of a one-piece swimsuit means that bold and contrasting patterns can speak for themselves. If you’ve bought a new lemon print swimsuit and can’t wait to Instagram it, then an all-in-one costume will allow the pattern to really pop.

There are a lot of styles and trends that just never seem to go out of fashion: a red lip, a tea dress or a black winter jacket. Single piece swimsuits are the same, as the silhouette they create is pretty timeless. Halter neck, strapped or bandeau-topped, they give off a look that harks back to vintage times but still looks contemporary. 

Swimsuits with more coverage have a few other weapons in their arsenal. If you’re a bit self-conscious about your midriff then there are plenty of swimsuits that suck you in, lift you up and give you ample support. Two piece swimsuits do offer some cleavage support, but there’s something about single piece swimsuits that feels a bit more secure and trustworthy when going out for a paddle. 

If you’re on a holiday where you spend afternoons transitioning from the beach to the bars then a one piece can easily turn into slinky evening wear. Putting a pair of jeans over the top of a black halter neck looks just at home on the streets as it does on the beach. If you don’t fancy wearing just your swimsuit all day on the beach then pairing it with a shawl and shorts easily transitions into day wear. Browsing online to find something to pair with the swimsuit that suits your figure, such as plus size clothing by Froxx, could uncover a new holiday favourite. 

Once a bikini has taken a few dips in the ocean, it can begin to look a bit faded and threadbare, if not well-loved. With much less holding them together, they seem to perish far more quickly than all-in-one costumes. A swimsuit that can be whipped out at any spa trip, last-minute getaway or day by the pool is a far better investment than a bikini that will become almost unusable after a few beach holidays. Many people find themselves turning to one-piece swimsuits after a few incidents of bikini tops becoming undone and escaping in a few rogue waves.
One thing that can be said for certain about one piece swimsuits is that they seem to be the most democratic piece of swimwear. Appropriate for all sizes and shapes, they can make anyone of any size feel fashionable and confident.

*Photo source via Pexels 

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