Wiper Blades in Basildon

As we head into the cold dark months of late Autumn and with the onset of Winter fast approaching, it is important to consider whether you might be best off taking your car in for a service. I want to just go over a couple of issues which are really important and especially so at this time of year. The first as the title suggests is the issue of wiper blades. The reason being most people don't really think too much on their importance, after all they are hardly the sexiest component of your vehicle. That said many of us wait until we are stuck in a blizzard of sleet and snow until we finally succumb to the notion that we may be in need of some new wiper blades. Just bear in mind that without a clear view of the road you cannot travel safely, so wipers are as crucial as any component of your car.

How to Maintain Wiper Blades

There are some simple measures you can take in order to keep your wipers maintained, while also taking the opportunity to regularly check on the condition of the wiper blades themselves. Simply take a wet towel and run it along the edge of the blade, this will remove the dirt and grime and dust that can easily build up over time. Do this periodically. By taking this simple step you will allow the wipers to work with greater efficiency as well as for longer. When looking for signs of wear and tear on the wiper blades themselves you should keep an eye out for tell tale signs; such as any cracks in the blade, part of the rubber beginning to come apart from the blade or you might here a screeching, scraping sound when the wipers are in operation.

When Should I Change My Wiper Blades?

You should ideally change your wiper blades ever 6 months to a year (max) and the reason for this is because they are not built to last years and years. Don't be stingy. You would hate to be caught in a rainstorm and not have the ability to clear your windscreen, which would render you unable to move. You can replace your car's wiper blades at Jet Wheels Tyres with branches across the Basildon district of Essex.

Keep On Top of Your Tyres

When it comes to tyre services and replacements I'd always recommend going to a professional car servicing centre such as Jet Wheels Tyres especially if you are in the Basildon area; professional car care centres like this are the best way of ensuring your car has good quality and truly safe components.

With regards to tyre maintenance the only sure fire way of guaranteeing the accurate and correct pressure for your tyres is to take them to a professional service. Don't take a chance when it comes to your tyres. In my opinion taking your car to a professional centre is worth the peace of mind that comes with it. It can also save you time, effort and money! Tyres are considered one of the most crucial elements of car safety in general and even more so at this time of year for obvious weather related reasons. They are the only part of the vehicle which has any contact with the road and as such, knowing a few simple facts and tips about tyres can help to maintain and in some cases improve, your own road safety. 

*Written by Michael David. Photos via Pexels

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