Garden Rooms - Creating A Productive Work Space At Home

If you are one of the ever increasing number of people who are desirous of working from home, and are in need of an efficient home-work environment, then this post could be for you. 
For many people the Winter months can be a great time to revamp your home or garden. For many of us when it comes to designing the layout of a room in a house we have at least a vague concept of how we would like the finished article to look. However, when it comes to outside space such as a garden we can be left scratching our heads a little. There are many ways in which you can utilise an outdoor space but so much can be dependent upon the size of the garden itself. However, most people do not happen to own a spare few acres of land and so it is easy to feel like you are very limited in your options of how to best utilize the space. I have always wanted to have a home study in which to work from and so this is what brings me to today's topic.

We are all familiar with patios, terraces, virandas, BBQs and flower beds, but this post is about something entirely different to the traditional and I am sure that there are many people out there for whom this post might be just the thing they were looking for. I am of course talking about Garden Rooms. As you can see from the image, Garden Rooms are a definite nod to the future. And let's face it, with a climate which is unpredictable at the best of times, having an indoor space outside seems like it could be a nice fusion of the best of both worlds and by adorning the room with plants you can help to create a very natural feel. You can have an office space which instead of infusing you with work related stresses, can instead help to ease your worries and to create a calming environment from which to work. You can also utilize aromas and fragrances in your garden room much like thy do in Japan. For many, the chance to spend time in the garden is a time to relax or to enjoy good company and to kick back, but this space can also be used as a productive and efficient home office environment.

While a Garden Room can most definitely be used as a place to relax and to enjoy good times, another great use for them is as a home office or study area. Due to them being detached from the main building means you can feel like you are a little further away from the daily stresses of life allowing you to absorb yourself in your work or your passion. Bloggers, writers, internet entrepreneurs and pretty much anybody else who works from home could surely benefit from having a Garden Room. You see the thing with most home offices or studies is that due to the nature of them being within the same house, it can be very difficult to switch completely out of family mode and into work mode. But with the Garden Room you are certainly able to concentrate and enjoy the space. The following infographic via Apple Home Improvements highlights some of the key things to consider when designing a good workspace.

On the website you can actually find all kinds of tips on how best to arrange plants and various other features into your Garden Room, and you can have yours tailored to your very specific needs. I just thought such a feature might be worth discussing briefly as I hadn't heard of them until fairly recently but I do think that they are a cool concept. You will also find tips on the best colour schemes for you, and even how best to position your screen.

Contact today for a free quote, and as I said, I think for people who are in need of a good home-working environment but perhaps lack the indoor space, maybe the Garden Room is just the thing you need.

*Written by Michael David. Photo via Apple Home Improvements

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