Innovative Outdoor Storage Ideas

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We all love to spend time in our garden and most homeowners are always looking to make improvements and if you feel that your garden is a little cluttered, you might need some extra storage space. With that in mind, here are some innovative ways to provide secure storage in your outdoor area.

Garden Shed Revamp

If you already have a garden shed that has seen better days, now is the time to think about purchasing a new unit. Garden sheds come in all shapes and sizes, which means you can make the best use of the available space and by choosing a metal shed, you can be sure it will stand the test of time. If your shed is in good condition, but always full to the brim, a larger unit would make all the difference and with the online supplier, you can usually save a lot of money when compared to buying from a garden centre. Ideally, your shed should be large enough to accommodate your patio furniture, which should be stored away for the winter and if that’s asking a bit much, consider replacing your shed with something a little larger.

Hanging Pouches

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These can be fixed to a wall and you can store your gardening tools this way. Spades, rakes, brooms and shears can all be cleverly stored in an upright hanging arrangement. Some people use them for hanging gardens and they can either be hand crafted or purchased, whichever you prefer. If you have an old bookcase, it can be reused as an outdoor storage facility and with some sanding and a few coats of varnish, the timber should handle the seasons.

DIY Garden Hose Holder

This can be crafted out of timber and consists of two hooks, one upside down, onto which the garden hose can be wound. Ideally the hooks can be fixed to a wall and preferably right near the outside tap. The garden hose is usually a problem to store and of it is left out, it can easily be damaged and with your new hose clip holder, your garden will not look so cluttered. There are an informative articles you can find online that shows many unique garden storage ideas if you need some extra inspiration.

Build a Timber Shoe Rack

This can easily be made from a few lengths of 2 x 2 with a small frame at each end and with the lengths at 45 degrees, all the shoes can sit in a row. Providing you have a saw, a drill and a screwdriver, this will only take a couple of hours and you can either paint it or coat it with varnish.

Storage Box

Ideally, on wheels, the lid can be hinged on the top and it can be used for garden seating, while inside you can store the BBQ cooking utensils, pots and pans. Take a look at any old furniture you might have, an old ottoman for instance, would be perfect and this can be painted a contrasting colour to brighten up the garden.

Image Source: Pixabay

There are many ways one can add storage in the outdoor living area and with a sturdy shed of ample proportions, you will always have space to store gardening equipment, bikes and the lawnmower.

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