Fashion Forecast: What to Wear This Autumn - Guest Post By Mia Taylor

Ok ladies, it’s time to buckle up. Summer is nearly gone and that means that we should begin the process of changing the landscape of our wardrobes. Keep your simple tees in the closet, you’ll need them for smart and chic fall layering, but as far as breezy cotton shorts, slip and other summer dresses go, kiss them goodbye for now and store them in a dry and safe place so they can wait it out comfortably until the time comes for them to take center stage again. Now, you have already snagged some of the fall goodies, but the fall runway season has been incredibly versatile and alluring, and we all deserve to amp up our style for the colder season, so make sure to see what the fashion gods have in store for us and make it your mission to abide by the fall fashion forecast while still making the final looks original and authentic.

The inevitable choice

The plaid trend might have missed your eyes only if you’ve been living under a rock for the several months, or at least in a place with no internet or fashion magazines. Plaid is most definitely THE pattern of the season, so you simply must own something adorned in it. The simple and most versatile choice is an oversized double-breasted blazer. For those warmer days you can exude those nonchalant, casual chic vibes by just wearing a simple tee and dark wash jeans with it, and when the going gets rough, it’s always good to know that an oversized blazer can accommodate even a chunky sweater, so you are both warm, toasty yet super stylish.

Spice things up

The skies may go gray and rain will come, but you can fight the gloomy weather with a trendy hot pink garment of your choosing. Every fashion powerhouse, from Carolina Herrera to Chanel, has provided us with their own rendition of the hot pink item, so you can choose to go with bold outerwear – a hot pink coat will surely make a statement. On the other hand, if pink outerwear is a bit too loud in your style book, there are always gorgeous floor-length dresses that will make you look stunning at every event. Finally, for more casual days you can always opt for the necessary and inevitable pair of wide-leg pants in this sizzling hue and go minimal with the rest of your outfit.

Office or no office

If plaid is the official pattern of the season than the power suit simply has to be the outfit of the season. Whether you have a strict dress code at work or not is irrelevant, the power suit is a must for every woman of style. It looks chic, powerful and it’s also incredibly versatile. You can wear it to work with a simple blouse or make it more casual and even exude autumn athleisure vibes by pairing it with a slogan tee and a cool pair of sneakers. To seal the deal, place a gorgeous belt bag over the jacket and you will look like fall style goals.

Go all out

For those who are always cold, we have some great news. Extreme layering will most certainly be one of the hottest autumn trends. That means that you are free to arm yourselves with gorgeous plus size clothing items such as chunky long cardigans and cozy sweaters, because chances are, you’ll be wearing a warm shirt underneath and a trendy puffer jacket over it. When it comes to extreme layering, the policy is – go big or go home. There is little to no chance you’ll do it the wrong way. Just make sure you color-coordinate properly so you don’t end up looking like a failed color-blocking mess.

The animal kingdom

After the predominantly pink and white spring collection, Tom Ford caught us completely off guard with a fall collection that was filled with a variety of animal prints on a variety of garments. From leggings to slouchy long-sleeve blouses and even poignant and bold outerwear, he gave us numerous options and other designers followed suit. It’s safe to assume that the print will be all the rage this season, and if you want to play it smartly and look both chic and edgy at the same time, your best bet lies in either a pair of leopard print ankle boots or high-rise fitted pants that will go amazing with a simple black blouse or even a cream sweater.

We like big bags and we cannot lie

The reign of the micro-bag is finally over, and we are free to return to our beloved larger than life bags that can fit everything from daily necessities to a small human. Jokes aside, we are definitely here for the oversized bags, whether they come in the form of soft leather totes, structured handbags and even bright poignant ones such as the gorgeous yellow one from Acne Studios. A big bag is more than a statement, it’s a presence that can save an entire outfit and we all need at least one in our lives.

The Cinderella moment

We couldn’t possibly finish a fashion forecast without telling you what type of footwear you need for the season, it just wouldn’t be fair. Aside from a pair of great leather sneakers – sleek or chunkier ‘dad’ ones, which you will need to exude your athleisure vibes, you’ll also need something a tad more elevated. The white boot trend has had a pretty good run, and according to numerous street style sections, these boots have no intention of leaving us anytime soon, so if you’re into the trend, by all means, go for it, there’s still time. For those of you who like their footwear more on the subtle side, the slouch boot is an impeccable choice. These boots are chic, yet nonchalant, non-intrusive yet amazing when present, and it you get them in simple black, you are set for the season as you’ll be able to rock them with essentially everything and make them look different every time.  
There you have it, the complete forecast. Now, what do you own already and which pieces of the autumn fashion puzzles are still missing?

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.
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