11 Things To Check Before You Go Boating

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Whether you’re new to boating or an old-hand at it, there are certain things you should check before setting sail. Use this handy pre-departure checklist to make sure you don’t leave anything out.

1.    Life Jackets
You should always have at least one life jacket per passenger that is Coast Guard-approved and at least two jackets on board at all times. If your vessel is longer than 16 feet, you’ll also need a throwable device. Remember to explain to passengers where the life jackets are and how to use them.

2.    Devices that Produce Sound
Pack a horn that can produce at least four-second audible blasts for around half a mile. If you prefer a portable air horn, take an extra can of air with you and you could even attach a whistle to the life jackets that you have on board.

3.    Shapes and Lights
Make sure you have all the right navigation lights for your vessel and ensure everything is in working order. If you’re going on recreational boating activities, you may need day-shapes. It’s also a good idea to have flash light and spare batteries on board.

4.    Fire Extinguishers
Take at least one fire extinguisher with you and ensure it is easily accessible. Make sure all mounts are secure and functional before setting sail and let passengers and crew know where the extinguishers are.

5.    Distress Signals
Make day signals and flares accessible and keep them somewhere dry. Make sure all the passengers and crew know where they are and inform them of proper and safe usage.

6.    Bilges
Make sure bilges are dry and pumps aren’t running excessively. Clean up any wastes or spilled oil in bilges so as to prevent overboard discharge.
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7.    Spares and Tools
Take a basic toolbox with you and the right tools for the boat. Remember to pack some spares, too, including through-hull plugs, light bulbs, fuel filter and head parts. Also ensure you have a first-aid kit onboard for emergencies.

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