Transforming The Mundane Into The Luxurious*

*This is a collaborative post*

So, you've purchased a new house or flat but the decorations and fittings are painstakingly boring, lacking personality or character, and simply identical to that of plain show rooms. But don't worry! With these easy tips, the mundane can be proven to become the luxurious, ultimately amplifying your individual style.

Firstly, it is important to take inspiration from others before embarking on your renovation! Not only does this avoid the awkward regrets when visiting other peoples houses but it allows you to explore different styles and themes. Utilising innovative websites on the internet and a multitude of photographs, it is incredibly easy to choose your most favourite looks.

Perhaps the modernity of your home is too common and complicated nowadays and you long for a blast from the past, - you can now delight in the return of the vintage. Disregard the overly simplified shapes and welcome the intricate detailing of the past with Edwardian Bathroom Accessories. Luxurious living through echoes of previous styles shows the influence of classic forms and traditions, while maximising the elegance of your bathroom.

However, modern and vintage stylings need not be mutually exclusive. A combination of both can create a simple twist on home living, at the same time as also producing a unique blend of ideas. Although it is easy to be influenced by different themes and ideas, the crucial part of enhancing and transforming a room is to have your personal style centre to the d├ęcor. Focus on your own individualism by reflecting your character through photos, patterns and materials. Bright and bold wallpaper indicates a bubbly personality, with muted tones of greys and blues highlights the more sophisticated.

To fully augment the luxurious atmosphere within your home, don’t be afraid to spend more on key items. A soft leather sofa, placed middle of the room, can really draw the eye to the quality of the material, while a plush fur carpet can add that timeless edge needed. Elegance has a price, and that means for both money and time- take time browsing stores to find the best deals.

Ultimately, you must pay attention to the details. That means examining each area and ensuring the colours match the overall theme, or the pillows compliment the furniture around them. Within the bathroom, matching soaps and towels create a powerful sense of coordination across the space, while similar exotic fragrances can heighten that exotic feeling. Transforming a room into an elegant and luxurious living area takes time and dedication, but with these simple ideas it becomes an easier, and more rewarding task.

*Contributed by a third party. *Photo via Pexels

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