Startup Struggles - 5 Ways A Virtual Office Can Keep Businesses Costs Low For Startups

Starting a business can be a challenging, but exciting, adventure. More than translating your creativity and business acumen into a great money-making venture, startups have the benefit of a business landscape that supports and promotes innovation and industry. This is very apparent in just the various ways serviced office providers have made leasing workspace easy and affordable.
Of the many available office types in the UK, the virtual office is one that can offer startups a simplified office format that can be a base of operations for their businesses. The virtual office’s lighter version of the standard office presents startups in the UK the opportunity to lease on-site office space on a pay-as-you-go basis while having access to valuable IT services. While keeping the rents low, your business can benefit from a virtual office in the UK in many other respects, as well.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways your startup can reduce expenses.
Communication Tools
The best part of the virtual office is you reduce the amount of money spent on communication because as long as you have an internet connection you can pretty much communicate with anyone anyplace in the world through an online messaging system, video-conferencing tools, and other telecommunications tools. Check out Servcorp London’s Virtual Office at to see the various technologies that can aid your business. For the most part, you can reduce phone and other communication charges through the virtual office because your internet connection is entrĂ©e to communicating with international business.
Office Supplies
You could manage a business online without the standard office supplies that go with the traditional office. By going paperless, the huge amounts of copying paper that is wasted is reduced significantly. Furthermore, you do not have to buy paper clips, pens, and office toner because most of the work is on the computer, and you only need to use these supplies if you decide to turn an electronic copy of a document into a hard copy.
Travel Costs
The virtual office can also reduce the amount of money spent on travel costs as well. With an online platform, the typical business meeting that is held in a conference room can be held anywhere with video-conferencing capabilities. Businesses no longer have to worry about employees being absent from the meetings because they can attend as an online member. Essentially, the virtual office has made it possible for professionals to avoid travel costs unless it is absolutely necessary.
Storage Space
In a typical office, it is not unheard of for a few rooms to be wholly dedicated to storing old files and other outdated broken office equipment. Your virtual office moves your hard copy files into an electronic format that can be retrieved at your convenience. Just in terms of reducing the amount of space used, you can reduce the cost to lease space for that intended purpose.
For many businesses advertising their products, they can almost reduce expenses for paper and other materials by removing hard copy ads in place of more modern advertising methods. Gone are the days of little flyers and huge billboards advertising products. The online landscape provides businesses with social media formats, and video-streaming sites, in addition to your antiquated pop-up as media for advertising, which in many ways is more cost-effective. Furthermore, the online platform exposes your ads to people from around the world and not people from just one geographic location.
Reducing And Removing Unnecessary Costs
One of the main rewards of adopting a virtual office is that the online platform alleviates much of the financial stress related to starting a business. With your device serving as a vehicle for accessing the online landscape, your business avoids many of the costs associated with establishing and promoting the venture. Furthermore, the virtual office’s vast space allows you access to a limitless platform.

*Contributed by Sarah Williams. Header photo source.

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